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The Nunes memo

Publication of the now-famous Nunes memo (full text here) has produced the kind of reaction which, if people were previously inclined to be sceptical about either its reliability or importance, is likely to have made them believe it is both well-founded and of exceptional importance. For the reaction by FBI folk, Democrats and the Trumpophobic media has been desperately twisted and incoherent to a quite jaw-dropping degree. These anti-Nunesians have maintained, with a straight face, that the memo reveals such sensitive secrets it has endangered American security and that it…

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What that Farrakhan picture tells us about antisemitism

A photograph has suddenly surfaced of president Barack Obama, when he was a senator in 2005, posing smilingly with Louis Farrakhan, the demagogue leader of the black power Nation of Islam. The Israel champion and erstwhile Obama apologist Alan Dershowitz says if he’d previously seen this picture, he would never have campaigned for Obama. Farrakhan is infamous for his anti-Jewish and anti-white bigotry. The photographer who took the picture kept it secret in order not to jeopardize Obama’s political career. What’s amazing is that anyone is amazed by this. The…

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Trump, Netanyahu and primal rage

Ron Jager, an IDF veteran and former Commander of Israel’s Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers, has written an insightful piece comparing the unhinged and slanderous attempts to oust President Donald Trump with the unhinged and slanderous attempts to oust Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Jager notes: “The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has lead Israel to become a world leader of innovation, a nation at peace with the majority of the Muslim Sunni nations, a country where the life expectancy is one of the world’s longest, and…

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Guardian Angel

I’m delighted to tell you that my personal and political memoir, Guardian Angel, is published today. Through the prism of my often painful struggle to separate from both my political and biological families, I tell the story of the onslaught against British national identity and the values of the western nation – which provoked in turn the popular uprising which expressed itself in Britain as the vote for Brexit and in America as the election of President Donald J Trump. Britain’s former Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, has written about…

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