At last, persecuted Christians have a defender

Today, from the pulpit of Westminster Abbey, the Prince of Wales is due to plead the cause of the Christians of Syria, Iraq and elsewhere who are suffering persecution under Islamic fanaticism. He is returning to a deeply felt cause. In December last year he said he was “profoundly shocked” at the abuse of Christians in the Middle East.

What is striking, however, is how little attention is paid to this issue given its scale and significance. Indeed, although the Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken out, churches have been largely silent on the catastrophe for their worldwide flock.

Christians and other “unbelievers” (including secular or less pious Muslims) are menaced by the revival of Jihadist Islam. Yet their defence is undermined by two factors: appeasement of the Islamists out of fear of further attack, and a failure to value and promote the Christianity that underpins western civilisation.

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