BBC TV’s Politics Live

I was a guest commentator this week on BBC TV’s Politics Live show. Guess what we talked about? Yup, Brexit is still wiping virtually everything else off the agenda. We were discussing the prospects for a general election, whether the EU would grant an extension to the Brexit deadline and whether Boris Johnson would ever manage to break free of the procedural chains with which backbench MPs have effectively imprisoned the government. I expressed my views about Boris Johnson’s EU deal and the demand to “take no-deal off the table” (reflecting my previous observations here) which produced some priceless expressions on the faces of my fellow participants. I wonder why?!

Those who can access BBC iPlayer can watch the show for a few weeks here. I’m afraid readers who aren’t in the UK may not be able to access the BBC; if so, you might like to watch a clip of some of my remarks on the show at this Twitter link here.

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