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Eugenic libels, Jews barred at Warwick U

This all gets ever more dreadful. A vile event was put on at Warwick university last night. It was advertised as featuring unhinged claims that Israel was using eugenics to enhance the Jewish birthrate at the expense of Arab reproduction, and a disgusting proposal to retaliate by using eugenics to do the same in reverse to Israel. The indefatigable David Collier and two other Jews tried to attend the meeting, which was supposedly a public event. They were barred from entry. Collier writes:

“It is difficult to describe the emotions we felt as we stood there. Excluded as Jews, we were not permitted to enter a room and defend Jewish rights, inside a place where antisemitism was being fermented. Not in some private Nazi’s living room, but inside a lecture theatre of a UK university. And the thugs responsible for all this, were not some shunned section of our society, but those gifted with teaching our children. And the university security, however polite, were there to reinforce the rules that discriminated against us… To actually suggest Jews practice eugenics, whilst barring Jews from being able to put up a defence. That is the standard of academics at the University of Warwick.”

Read his blog post here.

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