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Systemic racism in the moral maze

On BBC Radio’s Moral Maze this week, the first show in the new series, we discussed systemic racism in the light of the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations. We asked whether Britain really was a society characterised by systemic racism, as campaigners allege, and whether “white privilege” exists, or whether these claims have been exaggerated out of all proportion and used to defame a country which has bent over backwards to lessen discrimination.

On the panel with me were Matthew Taylor, Nazir Afzal and Nesrine Malik. Our witnesses were Jude Blay Yawson, co-author with Stormzy of “Rise Up”; Inaya Folarin Iman, director of the Free Speech Union; Dr Jason Arday, assistant professor in the department of sociology at Durham university; and Dr Dominic Abrams, professor of social psychology at Kent university.

You can listen to the programme here.

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