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Loony Lefty Libels

I am starting an occasional feature called Loony Lefty Libels. You are welcome to send me published items you think I should include; please contact me through my FB page.

The rules are simple:

  • the item must not only fly in the face of reason but be presented as rational and true by a mainstream commentator;
  • the item must be likely to promote irrational hatred, prejudice or even violence;
  • the item must not be obscene or profane.

The more Facebook “likes” an item generates, the greater will be the public estimate of its derangement. I shall keep a tally of “likes” and from time to time will post up a scorecard to announce my Most Loony Lefty Libel award.

To get the ball rolling, here is the first example. It comes from David Rothkopf in the Washington Post (h/t Honest Reporting)

Rothkopf wrote: “Israel, for all its successes, is still an evolving idea in a hostile region. The country is dependent not on the strengths of democracy but on its selective application of it, in the suppression of its majority population in order to survive” (my emphasis).

Some 75% of Israel’s population is Jewish. Mr Rothkopf has stated that Israel, the nation state of the Jewish people, suppresses Israeli Jews in order to survive.

Loony, libellous or what?

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