duty Britain 

1917 shows what courage and duty really mean

The First World War was a catastrophe which altered Britain for ever and from which the country has never fully recovered. Now it has inspired yet another imaginative treatment in Sam Mendes’s brilliant and deeply original film, “1917”. This is a film about character. Specifically and perhaps most important, it’s about what it means to put duty — whether to your friends, your family or your country — before your own self-interest. In our era of narcissistic self-absorption, with identity politics and victim culture putting self-interest first at the expense…

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Fox Britain Culture wars 

Laurence Fox faces down the idiot bullies of wokedom. Bravo!

The day after I posted this blog explaining why virtue-signalling “anti-racists” were the real racists in our society, the actor Laurence Fox performed the astonishing feat of going on BBC Question Time and not behaving like an actor. That is to say, he expressed views which were sensible, reasoned and moderate – and thus brought the usual pitchfork-waving mob down on his head. In reply to audience member Rachael Boyle, a beyond-satire lecturer in woke studies who said criticism of Meghan Markle was racist and Fox was guilty of white…

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racist Britain Culture wars 

Why the “anti-racist” mob are the real racists

Like “fascist” and “Nazi”, the word “racist” has been so abused it has now lost its meaning. Actually, it lost its generally understood meaning when it was first coined decades back – after the mainstream left had ditched Methodism for Marxism – to replace the word “racialism”. Unlike that otherwise neutral term, “racism” is a Marxist-inspired dogma which ordains that the only people who can be held responsible for doing bad things are those with power, defined solely in terms of economics or politics, while those without such power can…

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Roger Scruton Britain Culture wars 

Roger Scruton knew the precious value of freedom

The death of Sir Roger Scruton is a loss that our troubled culture can ill afford. He was Britain’s greatest contemporary philosopher and also its most lyrical. Much misrepresented and traduced, Sir Roger analysed, defended and embodied conservatism which he understood to a rare degree. He articulated and championed the deep connections between conservatism, the English countryside and national identity. He recognised that without a shared home and culture based on the inherited values, customs and laws of a nation state there can be no sense of “we”. Above all,…

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Iranian protesters stepping round US and Israel flags Britain Global conflict USA 

Iran’s heroic protesters expose decadence and humbug among western liberals

In the US, President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have expressed their support for the heroic Iranian protesters who have returned to the streets calling for their ruling tyranny to be brought down. Trump tweeted: “To the brave, long-suffering people of Iran: I’ve stood with you since the beginning of my presidency, and my administration will continue to stand with you. We are following your protests closely, and are inspired by your courage”. He followed this with a warning to the Iranian regime that there must not…

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Blake Britain 

TV’s Dracula strikes a chord in our post-modern age

The BBC’s new adaptation of Dracula, which finished last week, gave Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel a wry, ironic makeover that took huge liberties with the original. So far, so predictable; especially since the show’s creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, gave Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective similar treatment in their earlier TV hit Sherlock. Moffat and Gatiss, who describe themselves as “a couple of ageing atheists”, have said they made a conscious decision to respect the Christian themes of the book. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was a kind of anti-Christ,…

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Boris Johnson Hanukkah message Britain Israel 

A Boris bear-hug against British antisemitism

Is the British government beginning to change its century-old attitude of ambiguity towards Israel and come out instead as its unequivocal friend? Don’t get too excited just yet. It’s certainly true that, fresh from his thumping election victory, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered an extraordinary Hanukkah message to the country’s antisemitism-beleaguered Jewish community. Going far beyond predictable seasonal bromides, he delivered a very pointed profession of heartfelt support. The festival of lights, he said, was a time to celebrate the Jews’ unique identity. “When the Maccabees drove the forces…

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Glenda Jackson Britain 

Glenda Jackson’s power lies in her acting, not her politics

Glenda Jackson has received rave reviews for her role in the BBC TV adaptation of Emma Healey’s novel, Elizabeth is Missing. We have waited a long time to see Jackson back on the screen. For 23 years, she deserted the acting world to serve as Labour MP for Hampstead. She deserves respect for the high level of seriousness which led her to make that move. She entered politics because of her strong political views, which at the time placed her on the left of the Labour Party. Her political image…

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Britain Culture wars USA 

Political auto-immune disease among diaspora Jews

Why are so many diaspora Jews doing the dirty work of their mortal enemies for them? In the United States, most Jews still support the Democratic Party despite the refusal by some politicians — namely, the four freshmen congresswomen who call themselves “the Squad,” and have made anti-Jewish and anti-Israel remarks — to distance themselves from the Jew-baiting Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. American Jewish leaders are also deeply reluctant to speak out against black or Muslim Jew-hatred, of which there have been some shocking recent examples. Immediately after…

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Britain Culture wars 

The shocking thinking of Britain’s Jewish community leadership

My column in last week’s Jewish Chronicle, which you can read here, ignited a firestorm of controversy – most of it abusive, much of it tendentious, and all of it missing the point of or actively misrepresenting what I actually wrote. In the piece I argued that, while attacks on Muslims should be condemned, the specific charge of Islamophobia was designed to silence any criticism of the Islamic world. I further argued that it was terribly wrong to equate antisemitism with Islamophobia, the accusation of which provided cover for Muslim…

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