The red wall and the hole in Labour’s heart

The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, chose Armed Forces Day last week to launch a “Labour friends of the armed forces” programme, promising “an exciting new dialogue with forces communities”. Since his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, appeared to view the existence of Britain’s military capacity as a kind of stain on his conscience, Starmer’s gesture was intended as further evidence of a break with the far left. On this issue, however, he is also reaching out to part of the population whose support is essential if Labour is ever to regain…

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It takes more than ideas to make an extremist

There’s still much we don’t know about Saturday’s stabbings in Reading which left three dead and others injured. The suspect, Khairi Saadallah, was arrested on suspicion of murder and then re-arrested under the Terrorism Act. Over the past three years, the security service has uncovered and broken up 25 terrorist plots. But after the Reading atrocity, officials were quick to point out that the scale of Britain’s terrorism threat means that such apparent “lone wolf” attacks are very hard to prevent. But there’s another reason why the authorities are finding…

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Why even black and brown-skinned Jews are “white imperialists”

The experience of being an immigrant group and living as a minority in an often hostile culture is, of course, one that diaspora Jews know only too well. There are obviously huge differences, though, between the Jewish and black experience. Yet one of the most important is overlooked. In Britain and America, as we have seen over the past few weeks, a movement is under way to rewrite American and British history with the aim of changing the culture. The charge is that white society is endemically racist. This is…

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On Boulton show: Boris’s lost mojo, Covid confusion

I took part in a podcast hosted by Adam Boulton on his Sky TV show, All Out Politics, with the editor of Ian Dunt and Sky’s political correspondent, Kate McCann. We discussed why the government seemed to be veering all over the place, changing its mind over one policy after another, producing confused messages over Covid-19 and with ministers making absurd gaffes. We also discussed the controversial merger of the Department for International Development and the Foreign Office, a move criticised by three former Prime Ministers, and whether Boris…

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Systemic racism in the moral maze

On BBC Radio’s Moral Maze this week, the first show in the new series, we discussed systemic racism in the light of the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations. We asked whether Britain really was a society characterised by systemic racism, as campaigners allege, and whether “white privilege” exists, or whether these claims have been exaggerated out of all proportion and used to defame a country which has bent over backwards to lessen discrimination. On the panel with me were Matthew Taylor, Nazir Afzal and Nesrine Malik. Our witnesses were Jude…

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We didn’t learn the lessons from Salisbury

The subject of the current BBC three-part series, The Salisbury Poisonings, was always going to unsettle an audience. Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, its effect is even more frightening. The drama reconstructs the events in 2018 after a Russian double agent for MI6, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok at his house in Salisbury. It’s remarkable that this series was largely made before the Covid pandemic erupted. For the parallels are astonishing. It focuses on Wiltshire’s director of public health,…

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The unmistakeable echoes in the culture war against the west

In Britain, statues of historical figures associated with colonialism or slavery are being pulled down or slated for removal. This is to appease the Black Lives Matters activists and their supporters, both black and white, who have seized upon the appalling death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody to claim that western society is fundamentally racist. The destruction of these statues and other similar artifacts, which are part of the cultural memory of a civilization, inescapably calls to mind another act of cultural extermination — the Nazi regime’s burning…

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Blake Britain Culture wars USA 

“Taking a knee” to the destroyers of worlds

Over the years, I have repeatedly warned in these columns that the refusal of the political establishment to defend the integrity of the western nation and its culture has opened the way for noxious forces to occupy the vacuum. We’ve seen this in both the spread through the west of jihadi Islam and the rise across Europe of political parties and groups with racist or fascist backgrounds and antecedents. In the current convulsions triggered by the violent death of George Floyd in American police custody, this baleful development has reached…

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We’re giving in to the race revolutionaries

What is even more shocking than the violent disorder on Britain’s streets over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is the spineless reaction by those in authority. Many police officers have been injured, the statue of Churchill in Parliament Square vandalised, and a flame held to the Union Jack on the Cenotaph. In Bristol, a statue of the 17th-century slave trader and philanthropist Edward Colston was pulled down and thrown into the harbour. Superintendent Andy Bennett of Avon & Somerset police said: “While I am disappointed that people would…

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To put Israel’s points, first learn about the Brits

Is the Israeli government reverting to its bad old ways by selecting the Likud politician Tzipi Hotovely as its ambassador to the United Kingdom? On a number of occasions, Israel has seemed to treat the UK with contempt by appointing as its ambassador someone with poor English and even less diplomatic prowess. In recent years, it seemed to have got the message with the appointments of the British-born, former foreign ministry lawyer Daniel Taub and the Australian-born diplomat Mark Regev. The British Jewish community sighed in relief at their diplomatic…

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