Hoorah for brave Belgian who dares cry Leave

Hoorah for brave Belgian who dares cry Leave

Mon dieu! It is being hailed as possibly the most sensational conversion since Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity.

Marc Roche, the Belgian-born former City of London correspondent for the arch Euro-federalist French daily Le Monde, and an eminent standard-bearer of the Europhile cultural establishment, has just published a book entitled Le Brexit va Réussir (Brexit will Succeed).

He says that once Britain leaves the EU, it has the wherewithal not just to survive but to prosper. Cue utter stupefaction in France where it is an article of faith that there can be no life outside the EU, and where wanting to leave it is viewed as proof of mental derangement (no similarity with Britain’s Remainers, obviously).

Roche himself used to share that general view. So what made him change his mind? He did something considered unthinkable in such refined circles. He went and spoke to people outside the metropolitan London bubble.

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