Global conflict 

The clear and present danger to the world

According to the Labour party, Donald Trump represents a “real and present danger to world peace” over his decision not to recertify the Iran nuclear deal.

Hello Labour party, planet earth calling! The real and present danger to world peace is Iran.

The Iranian regime has been in a state of self-declared war against the west since it came to power in 1979, is the principal sponsor of world terrorism, has committed numerous attacks against western interests and murdered many innocent folk in the process, was behind the killing of countless American, British and coalition troops in Iraq, regularly declares its intention to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel, is in league with Hamas and North Korea and has also given assistance (at the very least) to al Qaeda, is fomenting murderous violence in Syria and Yemen to further its aim of hegemony in the Middle East, is building a nuclear arsenal in order finally to achieve its infernal aim of ridding the world of all who don’t conform to its fanatical religious doctrine, and refuses to keep to the terms of the nuclear deal –– which in any event themselves allow Iran to become a nuclear-armed power, with money pouring in for it to fund further terrorist infrastructure and outrages.

Yet on this all too real and present danger to world peace, the Labour party has nothing to say. The real threat to the world, it believes, is sitting in the White House. In the US the Democrats appear to think the same thing. Since Trump’s speech refusing to certify Iran’s compliance with the deal, the Democrats have chosen to ignore the frightening implications of Iran’s non-compliance and instead have been trying to terrify the world about the mortal threat posed by… Donald Trump.

Emily Thornberry, Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman, said “the only evidence” the agreement needs fixing, as Mr Trump claims, is “a figment of his fevered brain”.

Quite frankly, what needs fixing is Ms Thornberry’s brain – along with what’s between the ears of the rest of the Labour leadership and their closed-minded ideological cousins across the pond.

It is Labour and the US Democrats who pose a clear and present danger to us from within the west.

That’s right – the famous US Supreme Court doctrine to determine under what circumstances limits could be placed on First Amendment freedoms talked about a “clear and present danger”, not “real”. Labour can’t even get that right.

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