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Our crazy world: Iran appeasement, France riots, nationalism

Crazy world: why are the Europeans determined to continue to pour money into the coffers of the most lethal terrorist state in the world, which has been waging a self-declared war against the west for four decades, threatens Israel with extermination and is hell-bent on building nuclear weapons?

Why is French president Emmanuel Macron posturing against western national identity, declaring America to be an enemy and presiding over the disintegration of his country’s internal security while his own citizens are rioting on the streets of Paris against his high-handed policies that treat them with such contempt?

Why has the desire to be part of a shared national identity in the west based on a common culture become tarred as a form of hateful, racist nationalism which threatens minorities – when in fact the opposite is the case ?

Please join me here as I discuss with Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired differences in strategy over Iran, Paris burning down and the nationalism/patriotism debate.

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