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My new service for readers

I’m delighted to tell you about improvements I’m making to the service I provide for my readers. There is now a better way for you to receive and enjoy my work.

I have launched a new website: All new posts will now be added to that website. I shall no longer be updating the website you are now reading. But it will remain accessible as an archive of work published before September 2020.

My new website comes with a subscription service.

This is how it works

There are two subscription levels: my free service and my premium service. Anyone can sign up to the free service by simply visiting, typing in their email address and choosing the free option. Everyone on the free list will receive by email the full text of pieces I write for outlets such as the Jewish News Syndicate and the Jewish Chronicle, as well as links to my broadcasting work.

Better still, subscribe to the premium service. For that you’ll receive pieces that I will be writing specially for my premium subscribers. Those articles will not be published elsewhere. They’ll arrive in your inbox as soon as I have written them.

My first piece for premium subscribers looks at the near-daily episodes of suppression of ideas, political intimidation and street violence, thuggery and nihilism that we’re currently seeing, and analyses what all this means for our society. Premium subscribers can read it here.

There will be a small monthly fee for the premium service, with a discount if you pay annually. The fee is charged in US dollars but you can sign up with any credit card. Again, just visit and look for the subscribe button. This will show you the available options for either the premium or the free service.

I won’t be able to send out my columns for The Times of London because these are behind the Times paywall. And there will be no more weekly newsletters.

Thank you for following my work.

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