Any compromise would subvert the will of the people

Much has been made of a possible compromise on the Irish backstop. Even if the EU were to agree to this, however, Mrs May’s proposed deal remains a stinker.

The Withdrawal Agreement would trap the UK with no exit unless the EU agreed. It would subordinate Britain’s defence and security structure to EU control and endanger British security ties with its main allies. It would continue to subordinate the country to rulings by the European Court of Justice.

Above all, the UK would remain hostage to the EU during the negotiations that really matter about their future relationship.

Leaving with no deal is said to be unthinkable. Why? There would be problems, but these have been vastly exaggerated. In any event, it’s only by leaving with no deal that the EU – which needs a deal – would have any incentive to negotiate on the UK’s terms.

In any event, the people voted in the referendum to leave the EU. MPs ran for election on a manifesto promise to honour that decision. They themselves passed the EU Withdrawal Act last year which committed the UK to leave on March 29 regardless of whether or not there was a deal.

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