Justice is warped by hysteria over sex crimes

We’ve lost our collective marbles over sexual offences. What’s been junked is any notion that women might be held to account for their behaviour, not just by acting prudently but by taking some responsibility for ambiguous sexual encounters. The ferocious reaction to such a suggestion has so cowed police and prosecutors that the justice system has become a statistical battleground.

The real reason there is such a hue and cry over sexual offences is the collapse of moral responsibility in our non-judgmental sexual free-for-all, in which victimhood is the ultimate get-out-of jail free card. Paedophilia and rape have become exaggerated to provide a fig-leaf of virtue for a society that has otherwise abolished shame and blame. The result, as we are engulfed by a tsunami of sex-crime claims, is the eclipse of the presumption of innocence along with justice and truth itself.

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