Conservatism in crisis

I took part in BBC2’s Politics Live to discuss my Times column (reprinted in The Sun) on the crisis of conservatism. My argument was that the centre of political gravity has moved. The Labour party now occupies the far left. The Conservative party, which through funk and ignorance has adopted many of the tropes of what it perceives to be a changing culture, now occupies a mushy soft-left ground. Which means there’s an enormous hole where conservatism once was.

A Conservative MP who was on with me clearly didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. The very idea that there was a difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes, for example, seemed entirely foreign to her.

She is far from alone. I believe that a dismaying number of people have been so abandoned by our de-education system they have no way of comprehending concepts that lie outside the leftist view of the world. Which means they cannot even begin to grasp what British and western culture once were, and what priceless values have now been lost.

You can watch the exchanges at this link here, 35.28 minutes into the show.

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