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The party that stands against the rule of law

Sanctuary cities in the US provide official sanctuary from… the law. They protect illegal immigrants from being handed over to the authorities for deportation. In some cases where they have committed crimes, they have been freed to commit more crimes, including murder.

It is simply astounding that this situation has been allowed to exist and grow in America. Now President Trump has brought forward two bills to end this practice and restore the rule of law.

The Democrats are resisting these bills. They want illegal immigrants to continue to be given such exemptions from the law. They have come up with ever-more baroque and ludicrous claims with which to oppose the new policy, such as that restoring the rule of law over illegal immigrants will increase terrorism in the US.

President Trump has also set up up a commission to investigate alleged voter fraud. The commission, headed by Vice-President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, has requested publicly available data on voter registrations from states. As PowerLine reports, a number of Democrat-run states are refusing to cooperate with this request. Now why would they be so anxious to ensure this commission gets no information? Ya think?

The Democrats are ever-more firmly cementing their reputation as the party that stands against the rule of law. Clearly they have absolutely no insight that this is cementing Donald Trump, the man they are trying to paint as an arch-enemy of the constitution, as the national defender-in-chief of law and justice – against them. Are the Democrats really that stupid or that brainwashed?

Don’t all answer at once…

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