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Lockdown, liberals and literature: NZ podcast

While under lockdown in Jerusalem, I took part in a podcast with New Zealand broadcaster Leighton Smith. We discussed my personal and political memoir, Guardian Angel, of which he was kind enough to say :”It leaps off the page with an immediacy and relevance that few books achieve”. We discussed Israel’s measures against Covid-19, and how its use of data technology in this effort wouldn’t be tolerated in Britain even though the evidence is that it has helped Israel achieve far greater success in saving lives from the effects of the virus. We discussed why my political views changed over the years, the story I tell in Guardian Angel and my previous book, The World Turned Upside Down and how this showed that the west’s values had changed for the worse. We also discussed my first novel, The Legacy, and the insights that fiction can sometimes bring to our appreciation of reality.

You can listen to the podcast here. My segment (I’m afraid the sound quality is poor) starts at 9.19 minutes in.

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