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The heroism of the Iranian people shrugged off by degenerate Europe

It speaks volumes for the degeneracy of Britain and Europe that the unprecedented protests in Iran have been downplayed or ignored.

Ok, the Iranian regime shut down the internet for four days making communication much more difficult. Nevertheless, we know enough to understand that what’s happening there is potentially seismic.

The protests in Iran, triggered by soaring fuel prices, have spread across at least 100 cities. Demonstrators have been shouting for the destruction of the Islamic clerical regime that has cruelly oppressed them for four decades.

The very thing so many have so long hoped for, that the Iranian people would rise up against the regime, is happening. It was attempted before in the 2009 Green Revolution, which was brutally put down after the west — including the Obama administration – remained mute and indifferent. But now the Iranian regime is very much weaker.

Unprecedented protests have also been taking place in Iraq and Lebanon against the regime and its proxy army Hezbollah. That’s not the usual sectarian strife between Sunni and Shia Islam. It’s a religious protest by Shia against Shia, with Muslim women tearing off their headscarves and dancing with men to electronic music. It’s a protest against Iranian interference in their countries, against Iranian repression and Iranian corruption.

In response, the panicking Iranian regime has swung into its usual brutal repressive mode. Hundreds of protesters have been killed. Unofficial reports compiled by Iranian exiles suggest that around 200 people have been killed and around 3,000 injured.

Further unconfirmed reports claim that 7,000 people were arrested over the past five days. Fighting is said to be continuing in Tehran, Shiraz, and Ahvaz, if not elsewhere.

According to one man: ‘Protesters were chanting, “The police are our disgrace.” I saw with my own eyes that people torched two municipalities and the governor’s office. People of all ages were standing together chanting, “Down with dictatorship!” and “mullahs must get out.” Security forces killed a lot of protesters, but this did not deter the protesters. They really aren’t afraid of anything anymore’.

“‘The regime tried to get counterdemonstrations going today but was forced to cancel a planned march in Tehran for fear that their own bought and paid for “extras” would turn against them. The most they were able to scare up was a small group of approximately 500 in Tabriz’”.

Maybe these protests will eventually subside and the people will once again be beaten down. But anyone with any sense of decency or concern to protect and defend the security of the west, should surely be holding their breath at what is clearly now happening: the possibly terminal weakening of the most lethal terrorist regime in the world which has been behind countless attacks on the west against which it declared when it took power forty years ago, which is hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons and which threatens genocide against the Jews of Israel.

So why aren’t the western media treating this as the enormous story it is? Two reasons. First, the actual threat posed by Iran has been consistently downplayed. For the west, Iran was too powerful and rich; too many people in the west were involved in making money from it, and the challenges involved in taking it on militarily were considered too extreme.

As Khairallah Khairallah writes in the Arab Weekly, from Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama successive US presidents therefore closed their eyes to Iran’s aggression and murderous attacks on western interests – and on the Jewish people.

The second reason for western indifference is the refusal to accept that US President Donald Trump can ever do a single thing that is good. And the credit for what is now happening in Iran must go the Trump administration, which tore up the 2015 nuclear deal signed under the Obama administration and reimposed sanctions which are bringing the country to its knees and helping provoke this uprising. People have been shouting that they want an end to Iranian involvement in foreign disputes and to have food on their tables instead.

Khjairallah writes: “Iranians are being influenced by the courage of Iraqis who are not only resisting a corrupt regime but also Iranian colonialism. Eventually, Iran will be liberated from a backward regime living from exporting its crises beyond its borders. It is not only Iran that will be liberated; Lebanon, Syria and Iraq will be liberated, too, and so will Yemen, even though the latter is suffering not just from the Houthis and their backwardness in Sana’a but also from the absence of a ‘legitimacy’ camp that has a project for all of Yemen”.

The only thing more extraordinary than the courage being displayed by the Iranian people – as well as in Iraq and Lebanon –  is the indifference of most of the west to what is happening. The exception is the Trump administration, where Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted in Farsi that the Iranian protestors should send the US their videos, photos, and information documenting the regime’s crackdown. “The U.S. will expose and sanction the abuses”, he said.

Trump himself tweeted: “Iran has become so unstable that the regime has shut down their entire Internet System so that the Great Iranian people cannot talk about the tremendous violence taking place within the country…They want ZERO transparency, thinking the world will not find out the death and tragedy that the Iranian regime is causing!”

Anyone heard any support for the protesters from Britain, France or Germany, which have all been trying to undermine the US sanctions on Iran and continue the deal which would enable the Iranian regime to develop nuclear weapons after merely a short delay?

One of the world’s most evil regimes is tottering, and no thanks to any of them. This epochal struggle needs the west’s unequivocal and vocal support. We should all be standing shoulder to shoulder at this moment with the courageous people of Iran. What a disgrace that so many in the so-called civilised world are not.

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