USA Videos 

Politics Live – and the Biden scandal

I appeared on BBC TV’s Politics Live, which those with access to BBC iPlayer can view here. Among the issues we discussed was the impeachment hearings in the US Congress, concerning allegations that President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate the commercial dealings of the former US Vice-President and potential Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. I observed how odd it was that there was no similar concern over the report that, when he was Vice-President, Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who…

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Conversations with John Anderso Culture wars Videos 

Our cultural crisis: conversation with John Anderson

I recently sat down for a second video discussion with John Anderson, the former deputy prime minister of Australia, over the crisis in western culture and society. We discussed my own political journey, described in my memoir Guardian Angel, in which I came to understand that the great battles over the traditional family or education involved a wholesale repudiation of objectivity, evidence and truth itself. The result is our current era of cultural totalitarianism. We also talked about the war to the political death between on the one hand, national…

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Triggernometry Culture wars Videos 

Triggernometry alert! Culture war and truth on Israel

I was delighted to do this long video discussion with the engaging presenters of Triggernometry, which you can watch below. It was a rare treat to find, in Francis Foster and Konstantin Kissin, open-minded hosts prepared to engage on issues with integrity. We discussed our current cultural crisis and its causes; and after the break, they were keen to learn some facts about Israel and Jewish history. So I gave them some…

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no-deal Britain Videos 

Magical thinking by British politicians – again

I was on BBC TV’s Politics Live, where a series of politicians from all three main parties said a series of extremely silly and unbelievable things. They were grilled by presenter Jo Coburn, assisted by myself, Matthew D’Ancona and Miatta Fahnbulleh. You can watch the show here, if you can access BBC iPlayer. The Tory on the show, Paymaster-General Oliver Dowden, tried to insist that, assuming Boris Johnson would gain a workable majority in next week’s general election, the Conservatives would finally end Britain’s Brexit nightmare by bringing the UK…

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Sky Audio Videos 

Sky papers review and podcast

I took part today with Ian Dunt in our regular newspaper review discussion on Adam Boulton’s Sky show All Out Politics. We ended up talking about just one topic: the issue in the UK’s general election of the antisemitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Our narrow focus was caused by this week’s dramatic Jewish Chronicle front page. Under a huge headline reading to “To all our fellow British citizens”, it declares: “This front page is addressed not to our usual readers – but to those who would not normally read…

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culture Culture wars Videos 

The fight to the death over Brexit and western culture

I was very pleased to appear on the internet show So What you’re Saying is… with Peter Whittle, director of the New Culture Forum in London. We discussed at some length Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and what the 2016 Brexit vote told us about Britain. I suggested there was now unprecedented confusion created by, on the one hand, Bojo’s heroic resistance to the Remainer coup against Brexit, democracy and the British people and, on the other, the fact that his deal wasn’t really Brexit at all. We also discussed antisemitism…

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BBC TV’s Politics Live

I was a guest commentator this week on BBC TV’s Politics Live show. Guess what we talked about? Yup, Brexit is still wiping virtually everything else off the agenda. We were discussing the prospects for a general election, whether the EU would grant an extension to the Brexit deadline and whether Boris Johnson would ever manage to break free of the procedural chains with which backbench MPs have effectively imprisoned the government. I expressed my views about Boris Johnson’s EU deal and the demand to “take no-deal off the table”…

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My appearance on Question Time

I appeared on BBC TV’s Question Time which came on this occasion from Wallasey. Topics included Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal to the EU and its reaction, Prince Harry’s outburst against the media following his wife’s legal action over the publication of her letter to her father, and making childhood vaccination compulsory. My fellow panellists were business minister Nadhim Zahawi MP, Labour’s housing spokesman Sarah Jones MP, playwright and novelist Bonnie Greer and Anand Menon, professor of Politics and European Affairs at Kings College, London and director of the independent research…

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The View Audio Videos 

My appearance on Sky’s The View, plus podcast

I appeared with Ian Dunt on The View, the daily review of the papers’ opinion pages on Adam Boulton’s Sky TV show. Our main topics for discussion were Boris Johnson’s proposal to the EU for solving the Brexit impasse over the Irish border, and Prince Harry’s bitter remarks about the media treatment of his wife. You can watch this below. Ian and I later took part in a podcast on these and other topics with Adam and Sam Coates, Sky’s deputy political editor. You can listen to the podcast here

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Britain Israel Videos 

Walking into the guns: proposing that anti-Zionism is antisemitism

In June, I took part in an Intelligence Squared debate in London in which I proposed the motion “Anti-Zionism is antisemitism” before a largely hostile audience. My seconder was the Israeli former member of Knesset Einat Wilf, and we were opposed by the expatriate Israeli anti-Zionist Ilan Pappé and the journalist Mehdi Hasan. You can watch the video of the event below. Underneath the video, you can read a written version of my opening remarks. Anti-Zionism is antisemitism: speech for the proposition I never visited Israel at all until the…

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