Oprah for president is a preposterous idea

US President Oprah Winfrey. Well, why not? The days when we might have laughed at such a ridiculous idea are long gone. Now we have in the White House a TV star with zero previous experience of politics or diplomacy. So why not have another one?

…it mistakes the reason Trump was elected. Whatever you may think of the flaws in his personality and temperament, his voters were motivated by the concerns he promised to address: the need to uphold the constitution after its erosion by the Obama administration, to revive jobs and prosperity and restore America’s standing in the world.

Those voters believed this could be achieved only by someone from outside the system. Winfrey, by contrast, is the ultimate insider within the Democratic establishment. What important ideas does she stand for? Nothing other than the Oprahfication of American culture: self-empowerment and self-actualisation, otherwise known as sentimentalism, narcissism and fakery.

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