border caravan USA 

The onslaught on the US border

There are now three waves of central American migrants aiming to force their way into the US across the border. As reported here by JE Dyer, the first group was temporary halted by a Mexican police barricade.  Mexican authorities offered the migrants asylum, jobs, and an array of social assistance programs. When they refused them, the police took down the barricades and the migrants resumed their trek. On Sunday afternoon, the second wave from Honduras reached the border with southern Mexico. The Mexican border guard requested entry in an orderly manner….

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denial Israel 

How the west has created antisemitism denial

Acute concern continues to grow about the antisemitism and Nazi imagery now on such rampant and brazen display in the West. In America, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement has spawned anti-Israel incitement on dozens of campuses, involving repeated accusations of Nazism and fascism along with virtually every other crime against humanity. In Britain, some of the most egregious examples of this venom have surfaced in the Labour Party under the leadership of the ultra-leftist Jeremy Corbyn and his “Momentum” comrades. Last week, Momentum joined other far-left and pro-Palestinian activists…

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Christians Britain 

Preachers of hate prey on our liberal values

Preachers of hate prey on our liberal values What do you do with a problem like Anjem Choudary? In 2016, he was jailed for five and a half years for inviting support for Islamic State. Last Friday, he was released on licence halfway through his sentence. Choudary, who emerged from prison reportedly reaffirming his support for Isis, is no run-of-the-mill extremist. He has arguably had more influence on radicalising British Muslims than has any other Islamist. Choudary avoided arrest for many years by exploiting legal loopholes. Few believe the threat…

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border caravan USA 

The caravan of hatred marches ever on

The mainstream media is continuing to betray journalism by framing President Trump’s utterances and policies in a jaw-dropping way. Two days ago, Trump told a rally he was a nationalist. Pass the smelling salts! He made it quite clear what he meant by this: that he loved America. He was using it as a synonym for patriotism. Good luck with that one! What he meant was irrelevant. He had apparently damned himself irrevocably as an anti-human. The New York Times reported: “Asked in the Oval Office on Tuesday why he…

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peter_paul_rubens_-_the_rape_of_proserpina_1636-1638 Britain 

Wilful denial over Britain’s sex grooming gangs

When 20 men were convicted at the end of last week on charges of more than 120 child sex offences including rape, inciting child prostitution and abducting a child, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted: “These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice. I want to commend the bravery of the victims. For too long, they were ignored. Not on my watch. There will be no no-go areas.” He was immediately accused of racism for mentioning the ethnicity of these criminals. In fact, virtually all its members had a very…

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crazy world Videos 

Our crazy world: Labour antisemitism, Brexit, Khashoggi

Our crazy world: Labour antisemitism, Brexit, Khashoggi Please join me below as I chew over some of the major issues around at the moment with Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired. We discuss the recent shocking assault on two Jewish women when they attempted to protest against Labour party antisemitism at a meeting of hard-left and anti-Israel activists. We also discuss the latest crunch moment for Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May in the country’s never-ending Brexit agony (you can read my thoughts about this here). And finally we discuss the presumed…

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Brexit Britain Europe 

All that matters now to save the UK: Theresa May has to go

According to the Sunday Times, Theresa May has 72 hours to save her premiership before a crucial back-bench 1922 Committee meeting on Wednesday. In my view, that should read 72 hours to save the country. Let’s cut to the chase. Forget the Irish backstop, transition extensions, the role of her chief Brexit official Oliver Robbins and all the other interminable details and lurches involved in this process. If the UK is actually to leave the EU, May has to go. If she stays as Prime Minister, it won’t. It is…

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Antisemitism darkening Britain 

Jeremy Corbyn is not the cause of left-wing Jew hate, he’s the result

The Academy of Ideas, a vigorous generator of debate, conferences and discussions, originated in a group of revolutionary communists. Some years ago, they turned on a dime and became libertarians fiercely critical of the left (don’t ask). The Academy is one of the most refreshingly open-minded forums for discussing contemporary trends that at present exists. Last Sunday, I took part in a panel discussion on antisemitism at its annual Battle of Ideas talk-fest in London. The audience was largely sympathetic to concerns about the resurgence of antisemitism in Britain and…

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Khashoggi Global conflict 

The story behind the story of Jamal Khashoggi

The disappearance and presumed murder of the Saudi exile Jamal Khashoggi has caused a crisis of relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to sign some papers relating to his marriage and never emerged again. Lurid accounts claim he was murdered in the consulate by a 15-strong team flown from Saudi Arabia the previous day in order to kill him. This almost exclusively Turkish and Qatari narrative includes claims that a pathologist on this team dismembered Khashoggi’s body while he was still…

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king-and-queen-of-hearts Culture wars 

Liberal sore losers don’t respect democracy

Liberal sore losers don’t respect democracy What’s so alarming is the way that political and ideological disputes are driving many into positions where minds are closed against evidence in a culture war which brooks no deviation. Speaking from my own experience, it’s apparently not possible to want to see rapists locked up and oppose the destruction of the presumption of innocence by #MeToo; to stand up against the West’s appeasement of Islamism and criticise Tommy Robinson; to be appalled by the psychological and other flaws of President Trump and acknowledge…

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