chamberlain-rolls-the-world-towards-peace-punch-1938 Global conflict 

The west’s darkest hour

There have been extraordinary scenes in cinemas throughout the United Kingdom. People have leapt to their feet in standing ovations, and grown men have been weeping. The source of the emotion? The wartime speeches of Winston Churchill in the movie “The Darkest Hour.” It’s not just because of Gary Oldman’s tremendous performance as the former prime minister. The movie has touched something very deep in the British psyche: the call to summon all one’s courage and resolution to defend their nation. Showing how the nation’s previous prime minister, Neville Chamberlain,…

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Minerva and Mercury protecting Painting against Ignorance and Calumny; Simon de Vos, 1603-1676 Britain Culture wars 

Brexit and the abuse of cultural power

Nearly 40 prominent economists, lawyers, philosophers, historians, scientists and policy experts have formed a “Brains for Brexit” campaign to counter claims that Leave voters are idiots and challenge the intellectual distortions in the argument. Yet some academics say they are too frightened of career-ending repercussions to join the group. Similar anxieties have been expressed by Artists 4 Brexit, a group of creatives and performers who think the arts will thrive outside the EU. They fear that if they “come out” they’ll be dropped from commissions or galleries. What views are…

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lie-and-truth Britain 

Waving the shroud of antisemitism to silence proper concern

The Daily Telegraph recently published a story headlined “George Soros, the man who ‘broke the Bank of England’ backing secret plot to thwart Brexit”. It revealed that a campaign group backed by Soros and prominent Remainers proposed mass rallies and concerts to “pressure” MPs in 100 Leave-supporting constituencies, as well as a range of “guerrilla marketing tactics”, to defeat Theresa May’s Brexit deal and trigger a general election. The source of this story was Nick Timothy, Mrs May’s former adviser who wrote a companion piece explaining his concerns. Timothy was…

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massacre_of_jews_woodcut_1493 Europe 

The ethnic cleansing of the Jews of France

I don’t normally post other people’s articles here, but this one by Guy Milliere for Gatestone paints such a horrific picture of Jew-hatred in France that I am reproducing substantial extracts below. Friday, January 12, 2018. Sarcelles. A city in the northern suburbs of Paris. A 15-year-old girl returns from high school. She wears a necklace with a star of David and a Jewish school uniform. A man attacks her with a knife, slashes her face, and runs away. She will be disfigured the rest of her life. January 29, again…

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HepHep riots, Frankfurt, 1819; from contemporary engraving by Johann Michael Voltz; antisemitism Europe 

Poland unleashes its own inner demons

If Poland wants to demonstrate it really did have nothing to do with the Holocaust, it’s going a mighty strange way about it. A new law passed by the Polish parliament criminalizing any suggestion that Poland was involved in the Holocaust has produced a crisis in Polish-Jewish relations described as the most serious since the fall of communism in 1989. Poland is well known for its sensitivity to the false description of Nazi concentration camps on its soil as being “Polish camps.” But the new law goes much further. It…

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jihadi_john Audio Videos 

What should be done with captured British jihadis?

Two men raised in Britain who went to fight with Isis in Syria have been captured by the Americans who want them to be returned to the UK to stand trial. But the British government doesn’t want them back. What should be done with British jihadis who go to fight in foreign theatres of war? Should they be killed where they are fighting or put on trial – and if the latter, where? I debated this issue on LBC with the human rights expert Philippe Sands QC. You can watch and listen to part of our…

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first-oxfam-shop Britain 

The Oxfam scandal and the culture of NGO impunity

Bodies like Oxfam have long since moved on from the traditional idea of charity to become huge non-governmental organisations. The NGOs have become an enormously powerful fifth estate which uses the bully pulpit of conscience and emotional manipulation to lobby national governments and dominate the cultural climate. Yet because of their charitable aura they are not held fully accountable. The Oxfam scandal has exposed this culture of impunity. As Priti Patel observes, however, this is but the tip of a sanctimonious and morally compromised iceberg which now needs to be…

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wings-of-downed-iranian-drone-israel Israel 

The Iranian drone

Did Iran yesterday openly launch its war of extermination against Israel? The sequence of events, according to former IDF spokesman Lt Cl Peter Lerner, was this. Yesterday morning an Iranian drone, an advanced model with stealth capabilities, penetrated into Israel through the border from Jordan. It was intercepted after about a minute and a half in Israeli territory by an IDF attack helicopter. In the immediate aftermath, the Israel Air Force conducted a targeted strike and destroyed the mobile command vehicle that guided the drone. On its way home, an…

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trump-netanyahu-israel-museum-2017 Israel USA 

Damned if you do . . . and Trump and Netanyahu are certainly doing

Day in and day out, two men—two crucial world leaders—remain under a constant barrage of verbal attacks. They are subjected to an obsessional, unhinged and unprecedented stream of abuse, distortion, character assassination and malicious fantasies. If you haven’t guessed, they are Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald J Trump. The campaign against them signifies a cultural disorder in the West that borders on the pathological. Netanyahu certainly has his faults. One might list arrogance, moral cowardice and his tendency to be a control freak. He doesn’t take…

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jacob_rees-mogg_at_the_cambridge_union_society Britain USA 

Is Jacob Rees-Mogg being Trumped?

Is Jacob Rees-Mogg being turned into the Donald Trump of the Conservative party? Clearly, there could hardly be a greater contrast between the two men in terms of personality, character and demeanour. Rees-Mogg is almost beyond caricature as the very essence of old-fashioned gentlemanly behaviour, self-restraint and thoughtful intellect; Donald Trump is… well, Donald Trump. Just like Trump, however, Rees-Mogg has been transformed very fast from a joke figure on the fringes of politics to a front-runner for the leadership of the Conservative party and to become the next Prime…

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