may-ice-sculpture-12-56-17 Britain 

The vanishing Conservative party

You really do have to feel for Theresa May over her catastrophic party conference speech. With a heckler who got far too close, a prolonged coughing fit and a visibly disintegrating party slogan backdrop, this concatenation of calamities would have shaken the hardiest of performers. Someone reportedly as shy as Mrs May must be in agony over the whole thing. Cruelly, the debacle is being portrayed as a metaphor for Mrs May’s premiership. Her grip on power is supposedly melting away, just as her speech evaporated under the merciless heat…

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hatter Videos 

Truth, myth and self-delusion

Please join me here as I discuss with Avi Abelow of Israel Video Network the amazing reaction at the UN to the truths told there by the “Son of Hamas”, the implications of Interpol’s decision to admit a non-existent country to its ranks, and the disquieting evidence that President Trump himself doesn’t understand the agenda that got him elected.

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justin-welby Britain 

A kinder society? Really?

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has taken a hammering for claiming that the BBC didn’t display the same integrity over its role in the Jimmy Savile scandal as the churches had done over allegations of child abuse in their own ranks. The archbishop was immediately accused of hypocrisy. The broader point he made was perhaps more interesting. “I think,” he observed, “we are a kinder society, more concerned with our own failures, more willing to be honest where we go wrong.” A kinder society? Really? To read my entire…

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corrie-rips-israeli-flag-300x211 Israel 

Staging incitement at the Young Vic

London’s Young Vic theatre is staging a revival of the hate-inciting, Israel-phobic agit-prop called My Name is Rachel Corrie which was first put on in 2005. With exquisitely horrible timing, its previews started last Friday evening which was Kol Nidrei, or the beginning of Yom Kippur which is the most holy day in the Jewish religious calendar. A protest is being staged outside the theatre every night; with enormous decency and commitment, a group of Christians leafleted the theatre during the Yom Kippur performances. Last July Jonathan Hoffman, who is involved…

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guardian-angel-for-website Culture wars 

Guardian Angel in America

I am delighted to tell you that an updated version of my personal and political memoir, Guardian Angel, is to be published in America at the end of January. Through the prism of my own often painful journey, I chart the devastating changes that have engulfed the west over the past several decades. I will be in the US in the last two weeks of February to promote the book. If you would like me to talk about my memoir (and other stuff too) to your organisation during that time,…

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img_0038.jpg USA 

My next US speaking tour

My next set of speaking engagements in north America will take place in the first two weeks of December. With the west being rocked by one tumult after another, there’s much to discuss! There are still some gaps in my schedule, so if you would like me to address your organisation, group or community please get in touch with me at this email address:

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tuvia Israel 

In conversation with Tuvia Tenenbom

The best-selling author Tuvia Tenenbom, who peels away society’s polite fictions to expose the soft underbelly of prejudice beneath, turns his attention in his latest book Hello Refugees to Europe’s migrants. I shall be in conversation with him to discuss what he found out about them, and about the Americans he encountered in his previous book The Lies They Tell , on Monday October 9 at 7.30 pm at the Menachem Begin Heritage Centre in Jerusalem.

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green-prince-at-un Israel 

The faces said it all

Musab Hassan Yousef is the so-called “Green Prince”. The son of one of the founders of the Hamas, Yousef turned against that terrorist organisation and became such a supporter of Israel that this Ramallah-born Arab served for some years as an informant for the Israeli Shin Bet security service. Thus much is well known: there is a book and even a movie about this man. Nevertheless, when the campaigning group UN Watch brought him to speak to the UN no-one seems to have expected what was coming. The reaction was…

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