king-lear-edwin-austin-abbey-1897-1898 Britain 

Sorry, we baby boomers are not all dead yet

“Intergenerational inequalities” is the claim that the baby boomers have accrued to themselves countless benefits, such as housing, pensions or free higher education, which they have wilfully denied to the younger generation. Elderly people are thus accused of “stealing” the future from the young. This claim has been given rocket fuel by Brexit. Young Remainers accuse the older generation, who disproportionately voted to leave the EU, of saddling them against their will with a future which they believe will be infinitely worse than now. How dare they! Well, as a…

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courage-anxiety-and-despair Israel 

There’s only one way now to rescue British faith in democracy: leave the EU with no deal

They said if the UK left the EU with no deal, Britons would starve to death and run out of medicines and that planes would no longer fly. But when ComRes pollsters asked “Would you support/oppose leaving EU with no deal if EU refuses to make any more concessions?” no fewer than 38 per cent replied that they would support it while 36 per cent said they would oppose it. A similar result was produced by an ICM poll last week in which 28 per cent said they’d prefer no-deal,…

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driver Britain 

Exhibition of cowardice in Golders Green

Here’s a little thought experiment for you to try. Suppose a synagogue wanted to hold an exhibition commemorating, say, co-existence between Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain. Suppose a group of Jews who objected to anything showing Muslims in a good light intimidated the organisers of the exhibition into dropping it, threatening them with violence if it went ahead. There would be a huge outcry by the wider Jewish community at such behaviour. It would almost certainly make the national papers which would be delighted to show Jewish “extremists” in…

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Britain Britain 

Why the west should be holding its breath over the desperate battle for Britain

Current events in Britain’s Parliament are making politics in both Israel and America look positively sane and tranquil by comparison. Around the world, jaws are dropping at the UK’s convulsions over leaving the European Union. This resembles not so much a divorce as an amputation without anesthetic using blunt knives and a broken saw, with the surgeons throwing punches across the operating table. This week, the deal struck between Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU over the Brexit terms was thrown out by an enormous majority in the House…

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parrot Britain 

No-deal is the only legitimate way forward. MPs themselves voted for it.

There is no impasse in parliament over Brexit. There is no stalemate. There is no need whatsoever to delay the date the UK is to leave the EU. There is no need to look for alternative ways forward. MPs themselves mapped out the next step when they passed an act of parliament last year committing the UK to leave the EU on March 29 2019. They did so in full realisation of the fact that, if no deal could be negotiated with the EU on the terms of the UK’s…

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no-deal Britain 

Now tell your MP: if you block no-deal you lose my vote

Mrs May’s faux-Brexit deal has been rightly smashed to pieces in tonight’s massive Commons vote. There is now only one legitimate way forward. Parliament has passed a law committing the UK to leave the EU on March 29. Since it has not agreed to a deal with the EU on the terms of leaving, the UK must leave with no deal. That is the legally binding default position. The fact that the majority of MPs don’t want to leave with no deal is irrelevant. The majority of MPs also want…

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Watson Israel 

Vindictive punishment of James Watson

James Watson was one of the Nobel prizewinning team that discovered the double helix structure of DNA in 1953. Now the Cold Spring Harbor laboratory he ran in New York has revoked all his titles and honours on account of his “reprehensible” comments about race and intelligence. The move leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. There’s no question but that Watson, described as perhaps the most influential biologist of the second half of the last century, has expressed some dubious and unacceptable views. He has suggested that fat people…

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deal Britain Europe 

Why it’s imperative that Britain shows itself to be firmly behind no-deal

We all know the problem over Theresa May’s Brexit deal, don’t we. The EU insisted on its red lines, offering nothing that would allow Britain to trade outside the customs union or single market. Hence her deal was botched because she was under the EU cosh. But what if this analysis were 180 degrees out? What if the opposite were the case? What if the EU had in fact offered the UK a comprehensive free trade agreement for the whole of the UK with zero tariffs and no quantitative restrictions,…

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leaders Israel USA 

Two national leaders: two TV addresses to fire up their base

Last Monday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on TV to make what was billed in advance as a “dramatic announcement.” Reacting to rumors that Israel’s Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit, might announce during Israel’s general election campaign an indictment against him on the three corruption cases under investigation, he declared that this would be unjust, and that he hadn’t been allowed to confront the three state’s witnesses in the investigations against him despite asking twice to do so. “How can you get to the essence of the truth if…

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