tony-abbott Culture wars 

Bravo, Tony Abbott, for calling out green fakery

The Australian politician Tony Abbott has delivered a really terrific speech on the AGW scam to the Global Warming Foundation. What was so good was that he placed the fake science of anthropogenic global warming theory squarely in its correct and all-important context – the suicidal attack by the west upon its own civilisation and the principles underpinning it, including the pursuit of rationality and evidence-based inquiry. Here are some extracts: “In Britain and Australia, scarcely 50 per cent describe themselves as Christian, down from 90 per cent a generation…

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tuvia Videos 

Hello, Tuvia!

Tuvia Tenenbom is the best-selling author who peels away public pieties, evasions and hypocrisies to expose what people really think. His latest book, Hello Refugees, lifts the veil from the migrant crisis in Germany. Last Monday, I interviewed Tuvia in Jerusalem. You can watch the event here.

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palestine-demo-654x365 Israel 

This demonisation is fundamentally anti-Jew

The Labour party is now engulfed by a problem of antisemitism which it refuses properly to identify let alone effectively confront. The eruption of anti-Jewish hostility at the Labour conference left decent people aghast. This followed years of escalating anti-Jewish incidents in the party, causing even non-Jewish commentators to criticise Labour’s “serious and growing” problem of antisemitism. A number of Labour members have now torn up their party card in disgust. Not so Lord Winston, who in a letter to the Jerusalem Post taking issue with my comments on the…

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sky-aus Videos 

G’day, Oz!

In this interview with Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron on Sky News Australia, recorded on September 27 2017, I discuss multicultural confusions in the west, the Arab war against Israel and why so many American Jews are losing the plot. (The sound quality improves after the first few minutes.)

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blake-adam Culture wars 

Modernity starts here, if only the world realised it

So it begins once more. In the synagogues this week, it’s Groundhog Day. Jews go back to the opening of the Five Books of Moses and start the narrative all over again. The secular world looks on with indifference, bemusement or contempt. Among unbelievers, it is an article of faith that reason, science and modernity are in one box and religion, superstition and obscurantism in another. Ah yes; the rational, factual, grounded secular world. The one that is currently disinviting speakers and violently attacking universities on the grounds of upholding…

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peter_paul_rubens_-_the_rape_of_proserpina_1636-1638 Culture wars 

Harvey Weinstein and the abuse of power

Much has been written, and doubtless much more will be, about the grotesque sexual predations of the Hollywood movie titan Harvey Weinstein. As allegations now come tumbling out from women who say he raped, molested or otherwise sexually abused them, the question is obviously how this never previously came to light since everyone seemed to know about it. In a particularly fine piece here, Lee Smith suggests that this has only come out now because the media power-structures which ensured silence in the past have collapsed. The revelation of this…

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david_teniers_ii_-_figures_gambling_in_a_tavern_-_wga22069 Israel 

Wicked gambling firms exploit the weakest

When will Britain admit it has a chronic gambling problem that needs urgent treatment? It was reported at the weekend that some big names in the gaming industry are using their gambling websites to lure children through games based on their favourite cartoon or storybook characters. This is despite the fact that, as reported by the Gambling Commission, almost half a million children under 16 are betting every week, with teenagers three times more likely to gamble than to smoke or take drugs. Wicked and cynical exploitation by the gaming…

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may-ice-sculpture-12-56-17 Britain 

The vanishing Conservative party

You really do have to feel for Theresa May over her catastrophic party conference speech. With a heckler who got far too close, a prolonged coughing fit and a visibly disintegrating party slogan backdrop, this concatenation of calamities would have shaken the hardiest of performers. Someone reportedly as shy as Mrs May must be in agony over the whole thing. Cruelly, the debacle is being portrayed as a metaphor for Mrs May’s premiership. Her grip on power is supposedly melting away, just as her speech evaporated under the merciless heat…

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