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A savage evisceration. And so, so true

The American Spectator has published a quite brilliant polemic by Dov Fischer. It is about the hallucinatory hypocrisy of the left in its sustained attempt to defame and destroy the presidency of Donald Trump, and it is an utterly excoriating, eviscerating, savage must-read. And it’s so, so true. Here’s part of it: “The man honors Martin Luther King — and they call him “racist.” He goes to civil rights museums, and they call him “racist.” He meets in the Oval Office with presidents of Black Colleges, and they call him…

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Conflicts of interest, anyone?

How’s that Trump impeachment thingy comin’ along? Ben Shapiro writes that CNN has published text messages between the former second-in-command in FBI counterintelligence, Peter Strzok, and his mistress and co-worker Lisa Page. Strzok was involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, instrumental in helping to launch the investigation into supposed collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, and staffed on the Trump-Russia investigation itself. He was fired by special investigator Robert Mueller after these texts were uncovered. One text dated August 15 2016 reads: “I want to believe the path…

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Open antisemitism in Britain. Who cares? Not the anti-racist left

A demonstration was held in London last week in protest at President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. It featured the usual suspects: the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, Friends of Al Aqsa, War on Want, Socialist Worker. Nothing surprising about any of that. The far left — along with significant NGOs — is motivated by a vicious loathing of Israel and support for those committed to its extermination. It’s hardly news, therefore, that they would react so virulently against the idea that the Jewish people are…

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, Goya, 1799 Culture wars 

Western derangement syndrome

One of the most disturbing features of current discourse is the increasing level on both sides of the political aisle of utter irrationality and loss of any sense of proportion. This seems to be manifesting itself in particular over three issues. On Britain’s departure from the EU, the Remainers seemed to lose the plot from the referendum result onwards. They have consistently stated that, as a result of Brexit, the British economy would collapse. Today, faced with evidence that the economy is in fact doing quite well they state the…

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British Jews, right and left

I was interviewed for an interesting and thoughtful BBC Radio Four programme about the changing political allegiances of British Jews, presented by Jo Coburn. It contains some poignant personal reminiscences, fascinating historical and political nuggets and no small anguish at how this tiny community’s ingrained nervousness as the target of bigotry has now soared once again to a high level. You can listen to the programme here.

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When it’s right to kill terrorists

The new defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, has provoked a virulent onslaught from which not even his pet tarantula has been able to save him. His offence was to state that Britons who have fought for Islamic State abroad were rightly being hunted down and killed to ensure they never returned to Britain from Libya, Iraq or Syria, the breeding grounds for plotting attacks in the UK. “A dead terrorist can’t cause any harm to Britain,” he said. Outrage! The lethal use of force should always be a last resort. Sometimes,…

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The British and European perfidy

Palm Beach, Florida, Friday Twenty-four hours after President Trump’s watershed speech recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, there has been predictable Palestinian violence and equally predictable, almost unanimous condemnation from Western European leaders and the western left. What needs to be understood is that the former is symbiotically connected to the latter. As I said in my blog post yesterday, the Palestinians use violence in order to get a reaction that advances their agenda. Until now, the west has duly obliged. For a variety of reasons including fear, ideology and bigotry…

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dove Israel USA 

A historic watershed that shames Britain and Europe

It’s a seismic event, a great decision and a historic watershed. This is where blackmail and intimidation are faced down. This is where appeasement ends. President Trump’s speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has signaled that, for America, the century- long Arab attempt to destroy Israel’s legitimacy – the essence of the Middle East conflict – has failed. Trump was careful and subtle. He did not say all of Jerusalem was Israel’s capital. The US will support a two-state solution if Israel and the Arabs agree to it. The boundaries…

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swamp USA 

The real collusion? Investigate the swamp, right now

There have long been suspicions that, virtually from the day he swore his oath of office, President Trump has been subjected to a kind of rolling coup by the “deep state” aimed at levering him out of office by fair means or foul. Now it has become alarmingly clear just how foul those tactics have been — and more alarming still, that the institutions of the state which exist to protect justice and uphold the US constitution are themselves either active participants in this attempted subversion or are paralysed by…

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hatter Israel 

The higher reasoning capacity of those opposed to Brexit

The former Labour minister Alan Milburn has flung all his toys out of his pram by resigning from his post as head of the Social Mobility Commission on the grounds that the government is too preoccupied by Brexit to pay any attention to the needs of poor people — despite the fact that, at least in Milburn’s mind, poverty and inequality were the main reason Britain voted to leave the EU. As the Mail reported: “Mr Milburn said it was striking that 60 of the 65 areas of Britain most…

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