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Not all refugees are pure victims

The terror attacks in London and Manchester have served notice upon politicians that anti-extremist strategy has to change. But will the attacks also jolt the Jewish community out of its own alternative universe? The Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Abedi, came from a family of Libyan refugees who fled the Gaddafi regime. The parents of one of the London Bridge terrorists, Khuram Butt, are reported to have been asylum-seekers from Pakistan. Gaddafi’s enemies included a large number of jihadists who, as a result of his fall, have been unleashed to attack…

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What must be done to stop terror in Londonistan

In the wake of the latest Islamist atrocities in Britain, the murderous vehicular rampage on London Bridge and then the frenzied stabbing of people enjoying a Saturday night out in local eateries, the ensuing blame game has merely highlighted the need to start facing up to what it takes to defend a free society. Join me here for my take on these grievous events and what Britain should now be doing. A transcript follows below the video. Does the Prime Minister read my column? In yesterday’s Times, I wrote that…

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Terror will continue until Islam is reformed

Even now, with Theresa May saying “enough is enough” after the London Bridge atrocities, we are still refusing to identify correctly the threat that has already claimed so many lives. These attackers are not “evil losers”. They are not “sick cowards”. They are not nihilists or psychiatric cases or lone wolves. They are devout and ecstatic Muslim fanatics who are waging a war of religion against us. To read my entire Times column, please click here (subscription only).

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Guardian Angel update

I am pleased to say that my memoir, Guardian Angel, is to be republished in a revised version. As a result it is no longer possible to download it from Amazon, although some bookstores which deal with Amazon may still have some print copies in store. I will update you about the new version in due course.

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Attacking Corbyn won’t extricate Mrs May from the hole she’s dug

There is widespread amazement, and no little concern, that Theresa May’s lead in the opinion polls has been slashed from around 20 points ahead of Jeremy Corbyn to around six. How can this possibly be, people are asking, given Corbyn’s extremism – his reckless pie-in-the-sky spending promises, his support for terrorist organisations, his disgusting reaction following the Manchester bombing suggesting that British foreign policy was to blame? How could anyone think such a man could be Britain’s Prime Minister? And how can Mrs May, who was certain to get a…

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It’s not just Jeremy Corbyn who’s got this so very wrong

There is understandable anger and revulsion at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today drawing a link between the Manchester bombing atrocity and British foreign policy. It is, of course, a frequent claim by Muslim terrorists that they are only killing western civilians because the west has killed civilians in the Islamic world. Indeed, they often specifically target for attack children and young people – as they did in Manchester and as they have often done in Israel – in revenge for what they claim to be the killing of their…

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Denial still flows over Londonistan

In the wake of the jihadi human bomb attack in Manchester, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said: “We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish but an opportunity for carnage.” Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “ It is unbelievable that somebody has used a joyful pop concert to kill or seriously injure so many people.” A headline in the Washington Post read: “In suburban Manchester, a search for what might have motivated the attacker”. “Struggle to…

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The unspeakable symbiosis behind child pimping gangs

There are two critically important insights in the shattering and moving drama series Three Girls, broadcast on BBC1 last week. The first is the refusal of the authorities to acknowledge what had been going on for years under their noses: the grooming, rape and sexual trafficking of young white girls, some aged only 13, by gangs of overwhelmingly Pakistani-heritage men. The second is the way in which Britain’s indigenous society effectively served up these child victims to their attackers on a degraded cultural platter. To read my entire Times column,…

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Mrs May’s death tax

Is Theresa May trying to lose the general election? Her proposal to require people to pay for the long-term domestic care they receive at home by asset-stripping their own house, with a floor of £100,000 below which its value would not fall, could do for the Conservative party what student loans did for the LibDems: turn thousands of hitherto loyal voters against it. At present, people with property worth more than £23,250 are required to pay for long-term residential care. This causes widespread resentment, since people believe they are being…

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The Godfather is the ultimate morality tale

It’s 45 years since the iconic film The Godfather was first screened and transformed mafia hoodlums into high art in the public imagination. The film can be considered an audacious inversion of morality and an apologia for evil. Although such criticism has undeniable force, it is ultimately misplaced. The film is not in essence a gangster movie but an epic family tragedy of the highest order. It is precisely because it puts loving family life on a pedestal that its deepest message is so devastating. You can read the whole…

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