Culture wars Israel 

Junking the Jews is behind our current Hobbesian nightmare

International pressure on Israel not to extend its sovereignty over parts of the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria is increasing. More than 1,000 European parliamentarians have signed a letter asserting that this proposal, which they term “annexation,” would “encourage other states with territorial claims to disregard basic principles of international law.” Following the brutal death in police custody of George Floyd, racial anarchy in America is increasing. In Seattle and Washington, D.C., there have been attempts to set up “autonomous zones” that exclude the police. Statues and other artworks…

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Audio Britain 

Systemic racism in the moral maze

On BBC Radio’s Moral Maze this week, the first show in the new series, we discussed systemic racism in the light of the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations. We asked whether Britain really was a society characterised by systemic racism, as campaigners allege, and whether “white privilege” exists, or whether these claims have been exaggerated out of all proportion and used to defame a country which has bent over backwards to lessen discrimination. On the panel with me were Matthew Taylor, Nazir Afzal and Nesrine Malik. Our witnesses were Jude…

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Blake Britain Culture wars USA 

“Taking a knee” to the destroyers of worlds

Over the years, I have repeatedly warned in these columns that the refusal of the political establishment to defend the integrity of the western nation and its culture has opened the way for noxious forces to occupy the vacuum. We’ve seen this in both the spread through the west of jihadi Islam and the rise across Europe of political parties and groups with racist or fascist backgrounds and antecedents. In the current convulsions triggered by the violent death of George Floyd in American police custody, this baleful development has reached…

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Britain Culture wars 

Kneeling to surrender British and western values

When people in London demonstrating over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis shouted at police guarding the Downing Street gates “take a knee”, four Metropolitan Police officers meekly got down on one knee as demanded. Last night, hundreds of people around Britain came out onto the streets at 6pm, in the coordinated demonstration suggested by “Stand Up to Racism” activists, and all sank to one knee. The death of George Floyd after more than eight minutes pinned down on the ground by a police officer kneeling on his neck…

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Fox Britain Culture wars 

Laurence Fox faces down the idiot bullies of wokedom. Bravo!

The day after I posted this blog explaining why virtue-signalling “anti-racists” were the real racists in our society, the actor Laurence Fox performed the astonishing feat of going on BBC Question Time and not behaving like an actor. That is to say, he expressed views which were sensible, reasoned and moderate – and thus brought the usual pitchfork-waving mob down on his head. In reply to audience member Rachael Boyle, a beyond-satire lecturer in woke studies who said criticism of Meghan Markle was racist and Fox was guilty of white…

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racist Britain Culture wars 

Why the “anti-racist” mob are the real racists

Like “fascist” and “Nazi”, the word “racist” has been so abused it has now lost its meaning. Actually, it lost its generally understood meaning when it was first coined decades back – after the mainstream left had ditched Methodism for Marxism – to replace the word “racialism”. Unlike that otherwise neutral term, “racism” is a Marxist-inspired dogma which ordains that the only people who can be held responsible for doing bad things are those with power, defined solely in terms of economics or politics, while those without such power can…

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Culture wars USA 

The New York Times becomes an unambiguous engine of wickedness

The New York Times has long been known for its routinely vicious anti-Israel propaganda and more occasional overt Jew-bashing. It has also been in the forefront of demonising President Donald Trump through its twisted reporting. Now, however, it has jumped the shark. It has repudiated journalism altogether by turning itself instead into a conduit for the denial of truth, the smearing of millions and the fabrication of history. It has become an unambiguous engine of wickedness. The first eye-popping evidence of this occurred ten days ago when the paper’s executive…

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Fox Britain Culture wars 

The deep bigotry of those screaming racism

Along with several other commentators, I had harsh words to say in my Times column (£) about the choices made by the Duchess of Sussex, the former actress Meghan Markle, in listing 15 female impact-makers in her guest-edited issue of British Vogue. Like others, I found these choices shallow and meretricious, amounting to little more than politically correct and deeply divisive virtue-signalling that seemed to me disrespectful of both the monarchy, which is above all an apolitical and unifying force, and the country of which it is the symbol. People…

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conversation Culture wars USA 

The real racism behind the Trump/Omar furore

There’s always something ugly and disturbing about an enormous crowd being roused to mass emotion by the words of a charismatic orator. So it was when Americans chanted “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign in response to then candidate Donald Trump’s repeated claims that she had committed crimes for which she should be prosecuted. And so it was again during this week’s Trump rally in North Carolina when a section of the crowd started chanting “send her back” in response to President Trump’s attack on…

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Squad Culture wars USA 

In Trump v the “Squad”, American Jews have picked the wrong target

In the showdown between U.S. President Donald Trump and “the Squad” of four far-left minority congresswomen, Jewish organizations in America have overwhelmingly condemned Trump’s remarks. Trump tweeted that certain “progressive congresswomen,” widely assumed to be Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), should go back to the “totally broken” countries they had come from and sort them out before telling America how to run its own affairs. Jewish organizations, which are overwhelmingly liberal and anti-Trump, reacted viscerally, accusing the president of “echoing the racist…

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