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The dangerous equation of Islamophobia with antisemitism

The Somali-born congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who has made a number of antisemitic remarks, is currently embroiled in controversy over her marriage history. When claims against her of bigamy and immigration fraud first emerged in 2016, Omar accused the journalists involved of “Islamophobia.” Omar has also made a claim being heard more and more: that Muslims are called antisemites only because they are Muslim. In other words, anyone who calls out Muslim antisemitism is Islamophobic. This twisted claim is a way of making Muslim antisemitism unsayable. The claim is being…

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Acting out of vanity when all the world’s a stage

The actor Sir Mark Rylance has resigned from the Royal Shakespeare Company because it accepted a subsidy from BP to support £5 theatre tickets for young people. BP’s sponsorship, he said, allowed it to “obscure the destructive reality of its activities” as a major oil producer that threatens the future of the planet. Virtue signalling has become the default position among the “luvvies” of the arts world. Based on their belief in their own ineffable rightness, it often makes them look absurd, as when in April the actress Dame Emma…

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Europe starts to fray at the seams

The European parliament elections last week have provided further graphic evidence that Britain and Europe are in the throes of a profound political and cultural upheaval. In Britain, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party pulverized both Labour and the Conservatives by winning many more seats than either to become the largest single party in the European parliament— within just five weeks of being created. Since Farage’s party stands for Britain leaving the European Union with no withdrawal deal, many Conservatives rightly believe that whoever they elect as their new leader (and therefore…

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Schools are becoming a battle of the zealots

In Birmingham, Parkfield Primary School has been under siege. Hundreds of Muslim parents protested against its No Outsiders programme, which taught pupils about LGBT relationships. Similar protests have erupted at other Birmingham schools and spread to other towns and cities. This is a collision between two forms of intolerance. From September next year it will be compulsory to teach primary-school children to respect different types of families, relationships and sexual identities including same-sex relationships and transgender people. The policy is said to reflect the fundamental British values to which everyone…

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Jewish conservatism is the key to our survival

In his new book The Second Mountain, the American writer David Brooks says something that shocked me. After a long night of the soul Brooks, a distinguished New York Times columnist, has realised that what should drive us is not worldly ambition and achievement. What’s more important is to live a moral life and put others first. Accordingly, he’s also come to realise that the hyper-individualism now dominating the west, the ideological pivot of left-wing politics, is inimical to human flourishing. This is all part of his moral and religious…

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The World Turned Upside Down: you read it first here

In our current fevered times, there is much anxious discussion about the west’s all-too obvious existential crisis – the erosion of its fundamental moral and cultural values; its repudiation of national identity and attachment; its consequent embrace of mass immigration and Islamisation; the hollowing out of conservatism and the eruption of shameless antisemitism. I have been writing about all these things for many years. I’m pleased that others are now finally discussing them. In today’s debates, I hear in particular many echoes of what I wrote in my 2010 book…

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Anti-hate groups have become the real voices of hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama started life in the 1970s fighting the Ku Klux Klan but has since grown into an organisation that attacks anyone it judges guilty of promoting “hate”. Its influence is huge. With the media lapping up its denunciations of groups and individuals deemed to be beyond the progressive pale, its targets have been turned into pariahs and cast into professional and social exile. Increasingly, however, it has attacked people whose only crime is not to subscribe to left-wing shibboleths. Now, though, it has gone…

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How Jews claiming “Islamophobia” are helping embolden antisemitism

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) provides an invaluable service translating material from Arabic into English and thus lifting the curtain on the deranged antisemitism coursing through the Arab and Muslim world. Recently its founder, Yigal Carmon, observed that this Jew-hatred had spread to America and Europe where it was turning into “really violent threats based on Islamic texts”. And yet, he added, the American Jewish community targeted by such attacks was silent. “Not a protest, no public activity, nothing at all. They are afraid to be thought of…

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The appalling treatment of Sir Roger Scruton

The shocking character assassination and sacking of Sir Roger Scruton is beyond belief. Scruton, Britain’s pre-eminent philosopher, was interviewed by the New Statesman for its current issue. The interviewer, deputy editor George Eaton, tweeted that Scruton’s remarks were “outrageous”. What was outrageous, however, was the use Eaton made of them. For he tweeted about what Scruton had said: “On Hungarian Jews: ‘Anybody who doesn’t think that there’s a Soros empire in Hungary has not observed the facts.’” But in the interview Scruton didn’t mention that Soros was a Jew. He…

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Jews on the wrong side of the west’s lethal culture wars

Why are so many Jews getting our vicious culture wars so very wrong? “Cultural Marxism” is a term that refers to the strategy propounded by left-wing theorists in the last century to use the institutions of a society’s culture to bring about a revolution in society. In a speech this week, a British Conservative MP, Suella Braverman, said that conservatives were engaged in “a battle against cultural Marxism, where banning things is becoming de rigueur; where freedom of speech is becoming a taboo; where our universities, quintessential institutions of liberalism,…

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