Fox Britain Culture wars 

Laurence Fox faces down the idiot bullies of wokedom. Bravo!

The day after I posted this blog explaining why virtue-signalling “anti-racists” were the real racists in our society, the actor Laurence Fox performed the astonishing feat of going on BBC Question Time and not behaving like an actor. That is to say, he expressed views which were sensible, reasoned and moderate – and thus brought the usual pitchfork-waving mob down on his head. In reply to audience member Rachael Boyle, a beyond-satire lecturer in woke studies who said criticism of Meghan Markle was racist and Fox was guilty of white…

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racist Britain Culture wars 

Why the “anti-racist” mob are the real racists

Like “fascist” and “Nazi”, the word “racist” has been so abused it has now lost its meaning. Actually, it lost its generally understood meaning when it was first coined decades back – after the mainstream left had ditched Methodism for Marxism – to replace the word “racialism”. Unlike that otherwise neutral term, “racism” is a Marxist-inspired dogma which ordains that the only people who can be held responsible for doing bad things are those with power, defined solely in terms of economics or politics, while those without such power can…

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Roger Scruton Britain Culture wars 

Roger Scruton knew the precious value of freedom

The death of Sir Roger Scruton is a loss that our troubled culture can ill afford. He was Britain’s greatest contemporary philosopher and also its most lyrical. Much misrepresented and traduced, Sir Roger analysed, defended and embodied conservatism which he understood to a rare degree. He articulated and championed the deep connections between conservatism, the English countryside and national identity. He recognised that without a shared home and culture based on the inherited values, customs and laws of a nation state there can be no sense of “we”. Above all,…

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Britain Culture wars Global conflict 

The perverse western mourning for Qassem Soleimani

The liberal world is aghast. President Donald Trump has done something that repudiates the very rules of nature by which western progressives live. Faced with a military general intent on ramping up the decades-long war of conquest he had been commanding for his fanatically anti-western regime, Trump liquidated him before he could murder anyone else. Cue liberal horror and outrage. Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani — the man responsible for a vast infrastructure of global slaughter and oppression, and with blood on his hands from American and British soldiers, as well…

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woke Culture wars 

A blow against the wicked woke of the west

The “woke” are the west’s home-grown tinpot tyrants. Masquerading as campaigners against hate, their entire purpose is to spread hatred. They spread hatred against people they say are racist, fascist, white supremacist, sexist, misogynist, transphobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, climate-change deniers – for no other reason than their targets are people who uphold fundamental western norms of morality, rationality, decency and humanity. They hate those who tell the truth. They hate those who stand for justice against injustice, for freedom against tyranny, for the weak against the strong, for victims against oppressors,…

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Jews Culture wars 

Antisemitism: the ultimate marker of cultural derangement

The attacks against Jews in New York and London during the past week have left people deeply shocked. The stabbing rampage against Hanukkah celebrants in Monsey, N.Y., following a deadly attack on a kosher supermarket in New Jersey in which two Chassidic Jews were shot and killed, has produced much anguished discussion among American Jews about the loss of a security they had previously taken for granted. In London, graffiti promoting an unhinged conspiracy theory linking Jews with the 9/11 attacks materialized on a synagogue wall and storefronts prominently situated…

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reason Culture wars 

We know about the Swinging Sixties. Which way will the twenties swing?

The Trial of Christine Keeler, the BBC television series that started on Sunday evening, provides a fresh interpretation of the Sixties Profumo affair, which convulsed the establishment and came to define an era. The reason we keep returning to the Swinging Sixties is that it was the point of change from which everything then followed. Some see it as a welcome sloughing off of archaic constraints in favour of individual empowerment. Others view it as a loss of moral and cultural compass. Regardless, this upending of the old order had…

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Britain Culture wars USA 

Political auto-immune disease among diaspora Jews

Why are so many diaspora Jews doing the dirty work of their mortal enemies for them? In the United States, most Jews still support the Democratic Party despite the refusal by some politicians — namely, the four freshmen congresswomen who call themselves “the Squad,” and have made anti-Jewish and anti-Israel remarks — to distance themselves from the Jew-baiting Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. American Jewish leaders are also deeply reluctant to speak out against black or Muslim Jew-hatred, of which there have been some shocking recent examples. Immediately after…

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Britain Culture wars 

The shocking thinking of Britain’s Jewish community leadership

My column in last week’s Jewish Chronicle, which you can read here, ignited a firestorm of controversy – most of it abusive, much of it tendentious, and all of it missing the point of or actively misrepresenting what I actually wrote. In the piece I argued that, while attacks on Muslims should be condemned, the specific charge of Islamophobia was designed to silence any criticism of the Islamic world. I further argued that it was terribly wrong to equate antisemitism with Islamophobia, the accusation of which provided cover for Muslim…

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Conversations with John Anderso Culture wars Videos 

Our cultural crisis: conversation with John Anderson

I recently sat down for a second video discussion with John Anderson, the former deputy prime minister of Australia, over the crisis in western culture and society. We discussed my own political journey, described in my memoir Guardian Angel, in which I came to understand that the great battles over the traditional family or education involved a wholesale repudiation of objectivity, evidence and truth itself. The result is our current era of cultural totalitarianism. We also talked about the war to the political death between on the one hand, national…

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