Fox Britain Culture wars 

Laurence Fox faces down the idiot bullies of wokedom. Bravo!

The day after I posted this blog explaining why virtue-signalling “anti-racists” were the real racists in our society, the actor Laurence Fox performed the astonishing feat of going on BBC Question Time and not behaving like an actor. That is to say, he expressed views which were sensible, reasoned and moderate – and thus brought the usual pitchfork-waving mob down on his head. In reply to audience member Rachael Boyle, a beyond-satire lecturer in woke studies who said criticism of Meghan Markle was racist and Fox was guilty of white…

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My appearance on Question Time

I appeared on BBC TV’s Question Time which came on this occasion from Wallasey. Topics included Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal to the EU and its reaction, Prince Harry’s outburst against the media following his wife’s legal action over the publication of her letter to her father, and making childhood vaccination compulsory. My fellow panellists were business minister Nadhim Zahawi MP, Labour’s housing spokesman Sarah Jones MP, playwright and novelist Bonnie Greer and Anand Menon, professor of Politics and European Affairs at Kings College, London and director of the independent research…

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BBC Israel 

Once again into the fray in TV’s gladiatorial circus

I did two TV appearances in one day yesterday – the first on the BBC’s daily Politics Live, and the second on the BBC’s flagship political debate show, Question Time. It was the first edition of Question Time with Fiona Bruce in the chair after the retirement of its venerable anchor David Dimbleby who had become something of a national institution. So it was a show that attracted much attention and considerable comment in today’s newspapers. All eyes were on Fiona and whether she could fill Dimbleby’s patrician shoes. You…

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Question Time Britain 

How the Question Time bear-pit changed me

As a regular panellist over the years on BBC TV’s Question Time, I’m sorry to see that David Dimbleby is stepping down from the show after a mere quarter-century in the chair. He says he wants to return to his first love, reporting. Maybe so. Or maybe he’s just had enough of the trivialisation of the show that he has anchored for so long. Nowadays there’s almost invariably at least one comedian among the five-strong panel — and that’s just the politicians. I have come to realise that the audience…

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