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The real symmetry of extremism now threatening British politics

Both Theresa May’s government and the Labour Party leadership are now being threatened with a haemorrhage of their MPs. Both groups poised to revolt are posing as the beleaguered custodians of the centre ground which has been taken over by extremists in both parties. Seriously? Let’s boil down to essentials just what they’re all saying. The Times (£) reports: “About 100 members of the Brexit Delivery Group, which comprises Remain and Leave Tory MPs, warned the chief whip Julian Smith in a letter that they were prepared to force the…

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Why the UK must now keep its nerve

There are now seven weeks to go until the UK is due to leave the EU, and things are getting messier and angrier by the day. Well, there’s a surprise. Faced with Mrs May’s request from the British parliament to compromise on the Irish backstop, as a result of which it might then agree to a deal, the EU told the UK to go to hell. Donald Tusk, the EU Council president, observed on Twitter: “I’ve been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted…

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crazy world Videos 

Our crazy world: Ireland bigotry, EU bares teeth on Brexit

Please join me in the video below for my latest chat about our crazy world with Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired. We discuss the bill which is currently going through the Irish parliament to boycott Israeli goods or services produced in the disputed territories or eastern Jerusalem. You can read what I wrote about this piece of poisonous bigotry here. We also discuss the latest in the Brexit crisis, in which the EU negotiators have decided to double down on their intransigence by refusing to re-open negotiations with the UK…

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The EU: an economic basket-case with the instincts of the mafia

The EU’s Brexit negotiators (who appear to believe that until this moment their knuckle-dusters have been concealed) clearly think that now’s the moment to take off the gloves. Faced with Theresa May asking them ever so nicely to re-open negotiations to get rid of that troublesome Irish backstop, they have not only said no. They are reportedly now doubling down on their intransigence in the belief that this will force the Brits to come crawling back on their knees. The Sunday Times reports (£): “There is the prospect of a…

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curriculum Audio 

The moral maze of the British constitution

BBC Radio’s Moral Maze, on which I am a regular panellist, started its new run last night with a discussion about the moral duty of MPs. With the Brexit crisis setting government against parliament and parliament against the people, we asked whether the principal duty of MPs was to their constituents or to their conscience, and whether sovereignty lay with parliament or the people. Is the British constitution currently working as it should, or are MPs trying to subvert it – and is it ever going to be the same…

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cox Britain 

Any compromise would subvert the will of the people

Much has been made of a possible compromise on the Irish backstop. Even if the EU were to agree to this, however, Mrs May’s proposed deal remains a stinker. The Withdrawal Agreement would trap the UK with no exit unless the EU agreed. It would subordinate Britain’s defence and security structure to EU control and endanger British security ties with its main allies. It would continue to subordinate the country to rulings by the European Court of Justice. Above all, the UK would remain hostage to the EU during the…

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The obvious, ahem, solution to the Irish border problem

By all accounts, the penny has finally dropped in the brain of the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. It has apparently now dawned on him that, in order to stuff the British over Brexit, the EU has played him for a sucker. It seems he has now finally grasped that if the UK leaves the EU with no deal, it is Ireland that will be stuffed. Big time. This is apparently causing panic not just in Dublin but in Brussels. Paul Goodman writes a good summary here. Earlier this week, Margaritis…

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Banana republic coup in the mother of parliaments

The no-holds barred attempt to stop Brexit in its tracks by Remainer MPs who form a majority in the House of Commons is now taking the form (as I have previously warned) of a prospective coup by parliament against the people. MPs threw out Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the EU by an uprecedentedly massive majority. A as a result, legislation passed by parliament last year means that the UK will leave the EU on March 29 with no deal. Remainer MPs are determined to stop this by any means…

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king-lear-edwin-austin-abbey-1897-1898 Britain 

Sorry, we baby boomers are not all dead yet

“Intergenerational inequalities” is the claim that the baby boomers have accrued to themselves countless benefits, such as housing, pensions or free higher education, which they have wilfully denied to the younger generation. Elderly people are thus accused of “stealing” the future from the young. This claim has been given rocket fuel by Brexit. Young Remainers accuse the older generation, who disproportionately voted to leave the EU, of saddling them against their will with a future which they believe will be infinitely worse than now. How dare they! Well, as a…

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