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Patriots won’t put up with abuse of US laws

Despite — or perhaps because of — the constant uproar over the doings and sayings of President Trump, those who voted for him remain his passionate partisans. Those against illegal immigration are derided as rednecks and racist bigots. Yet what is enraging them is simply the widespread institutionalisation of illegality and violence. They are trying to promote instead adherence to the constitution, the rule of law and democracy itself. And they believe that the Democrats, the media and even some Republicans who either ignore or tacitly condone such lawlessness and…

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Change the narrative, Mr President

Recent stories about President Trump’s initiatives in the Middle East have been causing consternation among Israel supporters. First the World Jewish Congress president, Ron Lauder, reportedly told a group of Israeli politicians that the president was confident he could persuade the Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas to make concessions that would renew the peace process. The only concession that matters, though, is to abandon the Palestinian goal of destroying Israel. That one wouldn’t currently seem to be on the cards. The next day, Prime Minister Netanyahu was reported to be…

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Universities have caved in to dogma and thuggery

Many universities have stopped being crucibles of reason and knowledge and turned instead into ideological battlegrounds on which protected groups promoting the demonisation of white society or other presumed “oppressors” suppress any challenge to their dogma. University authorities have actively assisted the culture of zero tolerance for opposing views. Lecturers have been disciplined for teaching ideas that fall foul of prevailing orthodoxies. Universities have cravenly given in to violence and intimidation. The universities have steadily replaced education by the enforcement of dogma and then washed their hands of the intolerant…

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Melanie at Berkeley

This week I spoke on the Berkeley campus. A transcript of my remarks follows below the video. I’m on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, where conservative speakers are being systematically censored by violent protests designed to prevent them from speaking. I am on Sproul plaza in the centre of the campus, where free speech was supposedly enshrined back in the sixties but where it is now appallingly being suppressed. This is the campus where conservative views are called fascism and shouted down. As you can see…

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The Godfather is the ultimate morality tale

It’s 45 years since the iconic film The Godfather was first screened and transformed mafia hoodlums into high art in the public imagination. The film can be considered an audacious inversion of morality and an apologia for evil. Although such criticism has undeniable force, it is ultimately misplaced. The film is not in essence a gangster movie but an epic family tragedy of the highest order. It is precisely because it puts loving family life on a pedestal that its deepest message is so devastating. You can read the whole…

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Melanie is visiting America

For the next couple of weeks I shall be on a speaking tour of the US. If you are interested in attending any of my presentations, here are details of some of them. On April 28/29 I will be speaking at a Yom Ha’Atzmaut Shabbaton at Young Israel synagogue, Century City: On May 2 I shall be speaking to the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley at 7.15 pm. Please go to their website for further details. On May 4 in the evening I shall be speaking in Redlands, California:…

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Not a deal but a surrender

According to this account of a story in the Arab newspaper Al Quds, the Trump administration intends to offer a deal to the Palestinian delegation which is due to arrive imminently in Washington. Stop paying salaries to the families of terrorist prisoners and those terrorists killed in their attacks on Israel, the Americans will say, and in return President Trump will shelve his proposal to move the US Israel embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Oh dear. If this is true, the sting of this apparent proposal is not just…

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Trump was never an isolationist but a patriot

Two swallows don’t make a summer, and two military attacks in the space of a few days don’t mean a flip-flop in strategy. After his missile attack on a Syrian air base, President Trump ordered an attack on an Isis recruitment complex in Afghanistan using the Massive Ordnance Air Blast – known colloquially (and inevitably) as the Mother of All Bombs – to obliterate an estimated 36 jihadis and destroy their underground base. As I wrote in my Jerusalem Post column today, both the President’s enemies and his supporters greeted…

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The west’s ideological quagmire

The US Tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian airfield and the reaction it provoked took the fledgling Trump presidency into new territory. The raid provoked general amazement, since in 2013 and 2014 Donald Trump repeatedly tweeted that the US should not bomb Syria. The US president, however, not infrequently reverses himself. What was different this time was the reaction. For once, the division over the Syria missile attack did not lie between pro- and anti-Trumpers. Those delighted by it were ideological interventionists on both Left and Right, as well as…

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The swamp grows more fetid by the day

Please join me here for my take on recent developments in the ever-more startling and worrying drama of Trump and the Washington swamp. The transcript of my remarks follows below the video. You know, if I hadn’t seen the unending denial and resistance of those in Britain who are dead against Britain’s exit from the European Union and want to stop it even now, I’d never have believed the extent and nature of the unremitting attempts to delegitimise and unseat in some way President Donald Trump. Even so, I find…

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