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The British and European perfidy

Palm Beach, Florida, Friday Twenty-four hours after President Trump’s watershed speech recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, there has been predictable Palestinian violence and equally predictable, almost unanimous condemnation from Western European leaders and the western left. What needs to be understood is that the former is symbiotically connected to the latter. As I said in my blog post yesterday, the Palestinians use violence in order to get a reaction that advances their agenda. Until now, the west has duly obliged. For a variety of reasons including fear, ideology and bigotry…

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A historic watershed that shames Britain and Europe

It’s a seismic event, a great decision and a historic watershed. This is where blackmail and intimidation are faced down. This is where appeasement ends. President Trump’s speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has signaled that, for America, the century- long Arab attempt to destroy Israel’s legitimacy – the essence of the Middle East conflict – has failed. Trump was careful and subtle. He did not say all of Jerusalem was Israel’s capital. The US will support a two-state solution if Israel and the Arabs agree to it. The boundaries…

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The real collusion? Investigate the swamp, right now

There have long been suspicions that, virtually from the day he swore his oath of office, President Trump has been subjected to a kind of rolling coup by the “deep state” aimed at levering him out of office by fair means or foul. Now it has become alarmingly clear just how foul those tactics have been — and more alarming still, that the institutions of the state which exist to protect justice and uphold the US constitution are themselves either active participants in this attempted subversion or are paralysed by…

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Beyond stupid and reckless: Trump’s pathological twitterhoea

If Donald Trump really did re-tweet those three Britain First videos, I am utterly appalled. He apparently shared three posts by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain first. The posts included unverified videos titled “Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!” and “Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches!” A story has surfaced that the latter claim is untrue: the attacker was neither a migrant nor a Muslim. (Update: the Dutch government has said merely that he wasn’t a migrant but a Dutch citizen) Did Trump blindly retweet…

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How the IRS undermined America as a nation of laws

Imagine that the Trump administration was singling out left-wing groups for discrimination, repression or punishment through both the revenue and justice system. I think we can all guess what the reaction would be: foaming outrage across the media, furious editorials and op-eds, dissection of Trump’s vicious sectarian and vindictive personality and the charge that the US had turned into a fascist state. Evidence has now surfaced confirming long-held claims that the Obama administration targeted conservative groups in just this way, and then tried to cover it up. Yet the media…

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My next US speaking tour

My next set of speaking engagements in north America will take place in the first two weeks of December. With the west being rocked by one tumult after another, there’s much to discuss! There are still some gaps in my schedule, so if you would like me to address your organisation, group or community please get in touch with me at this email address:

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Not such a strange result

What does the smashing Alabama Republican primary victory of implacably independent-minded and stickler for national and traditional moral principles Judge Roy Moore (backed by Steve Bannon) over Senator Luther Strange (backed by the Republican establishment and, er, Donald J Trump) tell us? That whether or not Donald J Trump himself understands this, the forces behind his election as President of the United States – the passionate desire of the people to uphold, strengthen and defend America and its fundamental values which are under existential threat from all those who despise…

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Own goal for the culture war

Has there ever been a bigger display of more nauseating cant than we have just been seeing by American football teams, from Nashville to Seattle to Wembley Stadium in London? The New York Times reports: “Neither the Seahawks nor the Titans took the field for Meghan Linsey’s singing of the national anthem in Nashville. While the Titans not participating was somewhat of a surprise, the Seahawks had announced in advance that they would not be on the field, issuing a statement that said “As a team, we have decided we…

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death-of-caesar USA 

Signs of desperation in that rolling White House coup?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s squad inquiring into allegations of collusion between Team Trump and President Putin’s Russia broke into the home of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort in the middle of the night, drew their guns on Manafort and his wife, carted out boxes of stuff and took out Manafort himself in handcuffs and pyjamas, telling him to expect an indictment. For what, precisely? If prosecuting authorities uncover evidence to support a prosecution, they charge someone. They don’t tell that individual to expect a charge about some unspecified offence…

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The sea-change in American Jewry

I have often written about the current dismaying trajectory of the American Jewish community. With some three quarters of them identifying with the universalist, left-wing mindset, both in religious and secular life, they are positioning themselves on the wrong side of the war of civilisation being waged against the west from within while their children are progressing from indifference towards Israel to outright hostility. So much is the common source of much anguished discussion amongst those who care about this decline. An astute and moving article in The American Spectator…

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