migrants USA 

Echoes of another border invasion

When President Trump called the Central American migrant “caravan” an “invasion”, this was promptly denounced as yet more evidence of his racism. Of course. But of course it was an invasion, as is now plain. Yesterday, US Customs and Border Protection agents shut down the San Ysidro port of entry, among the largest border crossings between San Diego and Tijuana, after hundreds of migrants tried to breach the US-Mexico border fence and threw rocks and other projectiles at border police. Trump ordered up thousands of troops to repel them. Tear…

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crying Culture wars USA 

Crying children, cartoon monster and liberal fascism

You really do have to rub your eyes very hard indeed at the grotesque hypocrisy, distortion and unhinged hatred that have erupted in reaction to the “crying migrant children” at the Mexican/American border. It has even given rise to abuse of the memory of the Holocaust. More than 2,500 migrant children from Latin America have been separated at the Mexican border from their parents (or other adults accompanying them) who were arrested after trying to immigrate illegally into the US. Amidst distressing recordings of small migrant children crying, the people…

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border invasion Israel 

Border on incitement: media sanitise mass violent invasion threat

British and other western media, led by the BBC, continue to sanitise what they so shamefully call “peaceful demonstrations” by the Arabs of Gaza at the border with Israel. In fact, these are attempted mass invasions of Israel using violent means including bombs, grenades and (grotesquely) flaming kites to set fire to Israeli farmland. If these mobs were to break through en masse as intended, no-one can be in the slightest doubt about the slaughter of Jews that would then follow. The scale of what Hamas has been planning for…

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