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America’s abortion battle has hit boiling point

In America, the culture wars have descended into farce. The top three ruling Democrats in the state of Virginia have been accused in rapid succession of racism and sexual assault and are fending off calls to resign. The local party finds itself trapped between the kangaroo courts of identity politics and losing its governing position to the Republicans. The issue that provoked this fiasco, however, has all but disappeared from view. That issue is abortion. Ironically, it would seem that the Democrats are now getting blowback from the race and…

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Democrats burned by blowback in America’s culture wars

The US Democrats’ lurch towards extreme leftism has been well charted — their increasing flirtation with socialist economics; their sanitising or embrace of black power ideologues and their demonisation of Jews and Israel; the blind eye they turn towards the censorship, threats or outright violence used by so many of their supporters against their political enemies. But now Democrats have revealed a brutalised contempt for life itself. In the Virginia assembly, Democrat delegate Kathy Tran proposed a law loosening restrictions on abortion in the final stages of pregnancy. She later confirmed…

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