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No centrist, he

When Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Paris last weekend for the ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the deportation of 13,000 Jews to the Nazi slaughter, French President Emanuel Macron made a pointed declaration. Those responsible for deporting the Jews, he said, were not the Germans, as so many in France claim, but the French themselves. Furthermore, he went on, anti-Zionism was a new type of antisemitism. These robust statements were welcome. But what about the old type of antisemitism? Last April, Sarah Halimi, a 67-year-old teacher, was murdered…

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So just who is really messing up Brexit talks?

Good gracious! Someone tell me I’m not dreaming! A Eurocrat has spoken the truth about Britain’s negotiations with the EU. In an article in The Times (£) Hans-Olaf Henkel, a senior German politician who is deputy head of the European Parliament’s industry, research and energy committee, accuses the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier of trying to punish Britain by making a deliberate “mess” of key elements of Brexit. You don’t say! Mr Henkel writes that the European parliament’s Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, was responsible in “no small part for…

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Delusions of grandeur

The Times reports on President Trump’s visit to France as the guest of French President Emanuel Macron: Mr Macron told Le Journal du Dimanche that Mr Trump had been influenced by the way that American city officials and business leaders had continued to support the agreement and that he understood the French argument that climate change contributed to terrorism. Mr Macron believes that extreme weather is worsening the migration crisis and provoking conflict over dwindling resources [my emphasis]. The migration crisis in Europe is being caused by war, tyranny, persecution,…

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Trump in Poland

In his magnificent speech in Poland, President Trump asked whether the west “still has the will to survive”. If he’d listened to BBC Radio’s Today programme this morning (approx 0840), he might have lost his own. The issue that seemed to have startled the BBC was the suggestion that there were now threats to western bonds of culture, faith and tradition. (The fact that some of us have been writing about this for years has of course totally passed the BBC by). Two guests were invited to discuss this question:…

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The Irexit no-brainer

The Republic of Ireland is intimately intertwined economically, historically, geographically and culturally with the UK. Brexit, which the Irish government never saw coming, therefore has huge implications for Ireland – for the worse as long as Ireland itself remains in the EU. Ireland once got more out of the EU than it paid in. That ratio has now been reversed: it is now a net contributor. Once Britain exits the EU, Ireland will urgently need a free-trade deal with the UK, its main trading partner, as well as the continued…

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Only Brexit can save our values from an abyss

Every so often, something is published which slices through the fog of confusion, obfuscation and the sheer dishonesty of public debate to illuminate one key fact about the world. Such a work is Douglas Murray’s tremendous and shattering book, The Strange Death of Europe. His argument is as simple as it is bleak. Europe is dying, doomed by a willed collapse of its culture which has left it unable even to acknowledge, let alone defend itself against, a hostile takeover from beyond its borders. To read Douglas Murray’s remorseless and…

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The phoney and the fascist

France now faces a choice between two extremes. Emmanuel Macron, who will confront Marine le Pen in the second round  of the French presidential election, is routinely described as a centrist. He is not. He is described as such merely because, in the west, the centre of political gravity has been shifted over the last several decades so that what was once a left-wing position is now regarded as the centre while what was once regarded as the centre is now described as the right. Macron stands for the denial…

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The alt-right smear

The neologism “alt-right” has now become part of the political lexicon. It is thought to be merely a term describing a new political movement. This is wrong. It is being used to spread confusion and hatred. The term was invented by a white supremacist called Richard Spencer. It is an obvious piece of manipulative linguistic legerdemain. For there’s nothing remotely “alt” – standing for alternative – about what Spencer does or says, nor other white supremacists or racists or fascists or neo-Nazis who also style themselves as “alt-right”. They are…

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