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Jews being persecuted; Rochester Chronicle, 13th century Britain Europe 

In Britain and Europe, antisemitism’s ugly history repeats itself

Violent Islamist attacks on Jews in mainland Europe are causing acute concern. But fanatical religious belief which creates the impulse to murder Jews in the service of God, however appalling and terrifying, is not hard to grasp. What is even more unsettling is that people from the European mainstream, who have gone to great lengths to show they have learned the lessons of the Holocaust, or who display affection for the State of Israel, or who are obsessed with anti-racism and human rights – that such people are now coming…

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synchronised Europe 

The toxic reality of antisemitism in Europe

Antisemitism in Europe has become mainstream and normalized at a level “not seen since the Second World War.” So says the president of the European Jewish Congress, Dr. Moshe Kantor, who states: “There has been an increase in open, unashamed and explicit hatred directed against Jews.” It’s as if a veil lowered after the Holocaust has now been lifted to reveal that little has changed. Poland is seeking to deny its own history of antisemitism, with a new law criminalizing anyone who accuses Poland of having been complicit in the…

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antisemitism Europe 

The ethnic cleansing of the Jews of France

I don’t normally post other people’s articles here, but this one by Guy Milliere for Gatestone paints such a horrific picture of Jew-hatred in France that I am reproducing substantial extracts below. Friday, January 12, 2018. Sarcelles. A city in the northern suburbs of Paris. A 15-year-old girl returns from high school. She wears a necklace with a star of David and a Jewish school uniform. A man attacks her with a knife, slashes her face, and runs away. She will be disfigured the rest of her life. January 29, again…

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synchronised Europe 

Poland unleashes its own inner demons

If Poland wants to demonstrate it really did have nothing to do with the Holocaust, it’s going a mighty strange way about it. A new law passed by the Polish parliament criminalizing any suggestion that Poland was involved in the Holocaust has produced a crisis in Polish-Jewish relations described as the most serious since the fall of communism in 1989. Poland is well known for its sensitivity to the false description of Nazi concentration camps on its soil as being “Polish camps.” But the new law goes much further. It…

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yad_vashem_hall_of_names_ Europe 

The Poles use Holocaust denial to wash filthy hands

How did Poland choose to mark the week of Holocaust Remembrance Day and the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz? Its lower house of parliament voted to criminalise the truth about Poland’s complicity with the Holocaust. Poland has long objected to the term “Polish death camps” to describe Auschwitz and other Nazi extermination camps situated in Poland. It is true that these camps were built and operated by Nazis, not Poles. It is also true that thousands of Poles regarded as dissidents were incarcerated and murdered in these camps. Nevertheless,…

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wellington-boot Europe 

A suitable gift for this tin-pot Napoleon

People are gushing this morning over French President Emmanuel Macron’s offer to Britain of a loan of the Bayeux Tapestry. Since this is the first time in 950 years that France will have allowed it to leave its shores, this is being talked up as a sensational gift and further proof of Macron’s fabled charm. Gift? Charm? This is a propaganda coup to humiliate and weaken the enemy. Macron is no friend of Britain and an implacable foe of Brexit. He is a fanatical proponent of further and deeper EU…

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amsterdam-jewish-restaurant-attacked Europe 

Anti-Jewish violence in Amsterdam

A Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam has been repeatedly attacked by Muslim Arabs. Christians United for Israel (CUFI) reports: “Last month, many were stunned to see the video of Syrian asylum seeker Saleh Ali carrying out his attack on the Jewish restaurant. Two police officers were present as Ali smashed the windows of the store, entered the shop and took an Israeli flag. The officers wrestled him to the ground and arrested him after he exited the store moments later. “While the incident itself was alarming, what may have shocked the…

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merkel Europe 

Political earthquake in Germany

Angela Merkel has won a fourth term as Chancellor of Germany. The emergence as the third largest party of the nationalist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which has never before won any seats but won almost 13 per cent of the vote in this week’s election, is being presented as a setback for her. This is wrong. The rise of AfD is not a setback for Angela Merkel. She made it happen. It was her decision in 2015 to invite into Germany more than a million mainly male Muslim migrants, and…

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tuvia Europe 

Hello Refugees!

Tuvia Tenenbom, that most acute and incendiary observer of what’s festering beneath the surface of polite society, has turned his attention to Germany’s “refugees”. To his surprise and no little dismay, what he has found out is not so much about these migrants but about Germany itself, and it isn’t pretty at all. In his new book Hello Refugees, he adopts his now familiar but no less devastating tactic of trading on his blond hair, Falstaffian girth and indeterminate accent to conceal the fact that he was born and brought…

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bds-frnce Europe 

The perverse consequences of western antisemitism denial

A new study of antisemitism in Europe has found that the country with the lowest rate of antisemitism, despite having a relatively large Jewish population, is… Russia. The study, by the Oslo-based Center for Studies of the Holocaust and the University of Oslo, looked at France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia. The author, Johannes Due Enstad, observed that Russia does not treat Muslims’ transgressions with near impunity as Western Europe does. The relatively few antisemitic acts that do occur in Russia are committed mainly by the far right….

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