Thatcher Britain 

Thatcher paved the way for left-wing culture warriors

Our current era’s extreme intolerance of dissent was foreshadowed in the Eighties by the immediate pillorying of anyone who dared suggest that Thatcher might not be responsible for every British ill. A more balanced view is surely required. The Thatcherite revolutionaries failed to grasp that the bonds keeping the nation together, which they were weakening in the name of the free market, were also being deliberately eroded by culture warriors on the left who wanted to create an entirely different world. The left wanted to slough off individuals’ responsibility for…

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aggressive Britain 

Aggressive hotheads should listen before sounding off

Ben Shapiro is a conservative American commentator who has become legendary in the US for his aggressive take-downs of left-wing opponents. He doesn’t just take no prisoners. He tends to vaporise his opponents with the sharpness, velocity and ferocity of his arguments. So his encounter last week with the presenter of BBC2’s Politics Live show was all the more notable. The irresistible force of Shapiro met the immovable object that is Andrew Neil. The immovable object won. After an epic tantrum, Shapiro was left tweeting feebly from the wreckage under…

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