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Politically homeless as the western mind shuts down

To make oneself politically homeless may be regarded as a misfortune. To do it a second time looks like recklessness on steroids. In the Eighties and Nineties, I broke with my former comrades on the left. On a variety of issues arising from their repudiation of the western nation and its values, I challenged the orthodoxy and found myself condemned as having gone over to the dark side, otherwise known as “the right”. I concluded that the left consisted of people who denied evidence and reason in the furtherance of…

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Aggressive hotheads should listen before sounding off

Ben Shapiro is a conservative American commentator who has become legendary in the US for his aggressive take-downs of left-wing opponents. He doesn’t just take no prisoners. He tends to vaporise his opponents with the sharpness, velocity and ferocity of his arguments. So his encounter last week with the presenter of BBC2’s Politics Live show was all the more notable. The irresistible force of Shapiro met the immovable object that is Andrew Neil. The immovable object won. After an epic tantrum, Shapiro was left tweeting feebly from the wreckage under…


My article wins a legal reporting award!

I am delighted (and somewhat amazed) to report that I have won the UK Bar Council’s print and on-line Legal Reporting Award for my piece on the tragic Charlie Gard case last July. The piece was first published as a blog post here and the Sunday Times published an updated version that weekend here. You can read the Bar Council’s press release about this award here.


The common thread? Ignorance and calumny

Please join me here as I discuss with Avi Abelow of Israel Video Network why my post on the Charlie Gard case went super-viral, the implications of the Arab Temple Mount riots as the Jewish people prepare for the Ninth of Av fast to mourn the destruction of the ancient Jewish Temple on that site, and the sensational revelations in Washington DC that the mainstream media is doing its best to ignore. Not for the first time, gross media failings are the thread that links all these issues…


Going viral…

My piece on the Charlie Gard case, which went super-viral on social media, has now been republished by the London Sunday Times. That article itself is behind a paywall. But of course you can still read the original piece here.

A cruel and ignorant campaign

The agonising case of Charlie Gard, the 11-month old baby dying from a rare form of mitochondrial disease, is edging towards a no less agonising conclusion. Today, his parents agreed that he should be transferred from Great Ormond Street hospital in London (GOSH) to a hospice to spend there his final period of life. The hospice was a compromise. The parents have been fighting the plan for their baby’s end of life care just as they had fought the decision that he should no longer be kept alive. They wanted…