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Our crazy world: G7 v Trump, Hezbollah in London, Brexit agony

Please join me here as I discuss with Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired the latest developments in our crazy world. We talk about the G7/Trump temper tantrum and just how long it will take for the EU and other G7 countries to work out that in a trade war with the US there’s only going to be one winner and it isn’t going to be them. This leads us to discuss Trump’s negotiating strategy and whether it’s a thing of genius or whether he actually has one at all. Plus…

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What should be done with captured British jihadis?

Two men raised in Britain who went to fight with Isis in Syria have been captured by the Americans who want them to be returned to the UK to stand trial. But the British government doesn’t want them back. What should be done with British jihadis who go to fight in foreign theatres of war? Should they be killed where they are fighting or put on trial – and if the latter, where? I debated this issue on LBC with the human rights expert Philippe Sands QC. You can watch and listen to part of our…

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