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Perfidious Albion (yet again)

After the UK’s morally repellent and intellectually vacuous support for the vicious UN resolution against President Trump’s recognition that the capital of Israel is the capital of Israel, in what sense can Britain now claim to be an ally of either Israel or America? And what price now all Prime Minister Theresa May’s warm words of sympathy and support for Israel and the Jewish people?

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secretary_kerry_and_iranian_foreign_minister_zarif_share_a_laugh_before_their_meeting_in_vienna_27041312796 Israel USA 

The true presidential collusion scandal

A US President colluding with a hostile foreign power against the interests of his own country? Sounds like a scandalous abuse of the US constitution demanding high level investigation. Yet while Special Counsel Robert Mueller pursues his corrupted investigation of a non-existent collusion scandal involving President Trump, a real one has been exposed involving President Obama. Politico has published an explosive investigative piece by Josh Meyer which states that the Obama administration shut down a federal inquiry into international drug smuggling, money laundering and terrorism by Hezbollah in order to…

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The British and European perfidy

Palm Beach, Florida, Friday Twenty-four hours after President Trump’s watershed speech recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, there has been predictable Palestinian violence and equally predictable, almost unanimous condemnation from Western European leaders and the western left. What needs to be understood is that the former is symbiotically connected to the latter. As I said in my blog post yesterday, the Palestinians use violence in order to get a reaction that advances their agenda. Until now, the west has duly obliged. For a variety of reasons including fear, ideology and bigotry…

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dove Israel USA 

A historic watershed that shames Britain and Europe

It’s a seismic event, a great decision and a historic watershed. This is where blackmail and intimidation are faced down. This is where appeasement ends. President Trump’s speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has signaled that, for America, the century- long Arab attempt to destroy Israel’s legitimacy – the essence of the Middle East conflict – has failed. Trump was careful and subtle. He did not say all of Jerusalem was Israel’s capital. The US will support a two-state solution if Israel and the Arabs agree to it. The boundaries…

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Mad Hatter's tea-party, from Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; Tenniel illustration Israel 

The higher reasoning capacity of those opposed to Brexit

The former Labour minister Alan Milburn has flung all his toys out of his pram by resigning from his post as head of the Social Mobility Commission on the grounds that the government is too preoccupied by Brexit to pay any attention to the needs of poor people — despite the fact that, at least in Milburn’s mind, poverty and inequality were the main reason Britain voted to leave the EU. As the Mail reported: “Mr Milburn said it was striking that 60 of the 65 areas of Britain most…

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saudis Israel 

Europe picks the wrong side. Again

For years Israel has been blamed for standing in the way of peace with its Arab neighbours. When it rejected a “peace plan” by the the Saudi regime which would have brought about Israel’s destruction, it was excoriated for turning down a chance to end the Middle East conflict. Now the new Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has proposed another peace plan. Unlike its predecessor, according to the

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apollo_and_the_muses_inflicting_penance_on_dr_pomposo_round_parnassus_samuel_johnson_by_james_gillray Israel 

Damage and dangerous confusion from those Trump tweets

Friday, Los Angeles I wrote two days ago that I was appalled at President Trump’s re-tweets of the Britain First videos because this would give ammunition to three groups of people: the racist and extremist group Britain First, Islamist activists and the enemies not only of Trump himself but his entire agenda. In other words, those who threaten further to undermine the west. In the reaction that has followed, I have unfortunately been proved all too correct. Britain First is boasting that the Trump tweets have given an enormous boost…

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nbh Maze Israel 

Today on Trump’s tweets

On BBC Radio’s Today programme, I discussed with James Rubin President Trump’s retweets of the Britain First videos. I said I thought he had set back the cause of anti-Islamism and I was appalled. You can listen to the exchanges here (at around 0852).

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bbc-tv-daily-politics-november-24-2017 Israel 

Daily Politics TV show

On BBC TV’s Daily Politics show last Friday, I was one of the two guests of the day alongside Rafael Behr of the Guardian and presenter Jo Coburn. The discussion with successive interviewees included defence cuts, the “Gladstone must fall” statue controversy, the Brexit Big Band “apology tour” and the row over animal sentience. You can watch the whole show here.

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jewish-wedding-in-the-shtetl-isaak-asknaziy-1893 Israel 

The Jewish identity detective agency

Tzohar, headed by the inspirational Rabbi David Stav, is the Israeli rabbinical organisation which is challenging the monopoly of Israel’s ludicrously harsh and inflexible rabbinate by adopting, within halachah, a more humane, inclusive and rational approach. So much is generally appreciated. What is less widely known is its extraordinary “roots” project. This sets out to prove the Jewish antecedents of Israeli Jews whose families come principally from the former Soviet Union. To their horror, some of these Israelis discover they don’t possess the documentary proof that their families are halachically…

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