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destruction of israel Britain Israel 

Two state solution? Actually, no: the true signature cause Labour cannot admit

The leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has told his party’s annual conference that if he becomes Prime Minister he will immediately recognise a Palestinian state. Immediately. Why? What kind of priority is this for a British Prime Minister? Labour delegates also voted to condemn Israel’s use of force against violent riots on the Gaza border, urge more UK funding for UNWRA, the UN agency for Palestinians, and back a freeze on British arms sales to Israel. And in a veritable sea of hatred of the Jewish state, they…

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agony Britain 

Hoorah for brave Belgian who dares cry Leave

Hoorah for brave Belgian who dares cry Leave Mon dieu! It is being hailed as possibly the most sensational conversion since Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity. Marc Roche, the Belgian-born former City of London correspondent for the arch Euro-federalist French daily Le Monde, and an eminent standard-bearer of the Europhile cultural establishment, has just published a book entitled Le Brexit va Réussir (Brexit will Succeed). He says that once Britain leaves the EU, it has the wherewithal not just to survive but to prosper. Cue utter stupefaction in France where it…

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Brexit Britain Europe 

The leverage for Britain in the art of the No Deal

According to a report in the Mail on Sunday, a “gang of four” has emerged inside the British Cabinet to get Brexit through without breaking the government and Conservative party apart. The quartet, said to comprise two Brexiteers, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab, and two Remainers, Sajid Javid and Matt Hancock, have reportedly formed a “pragmatic” alliance to “get Brexit over the line”. Apparently, these four ministers will seek to hose down both ultra-Remainers and ultra-Brexiteers who are all likely to object to the final terms of the deal. What…

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Antisemitism darkening Britain Israel 

Dual loyalty taunt? Israel slandered? So what’s new?

Within hours of the Labour party giving its members wriggle room to defame Israel without any pushback, posters appeared on central London bus-shelters slandering Israel as a “a racist endeavour”. The virus of left-wing antisemitism is out of control. Why is anyone surprised? None of this is new. Jeremy Corbyn may have made the poison more toxic but he didn’t release it. He is rather its most malevolent symptom. I first experienced this in 1982. Colleagues implied that my real country wasn’t Britain but Israel. At the time, I’d never…

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antisemitism Britain Israel USA 

The west’s antisemitism crisis

Antisemitism is now a major issue in the West. In Britain, there are continuing convulsions over rampant antisemitism in the Labour Party. In America, there was outrage over the presence of the virulent Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. In France and other European countries, Jews are under siege from violent Muslims. The really disturbing thing, though, is that so many are not outraged by this. For a troubling number of people, antisemitism is no longer considered a big deal. Either it is denied or minimized, as in Europe,…

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Masculinity Britain Culture wars 

Turning masculinity into an accessory to crime

Turning masculinity into an accessory to crime The Labour MP Stella Creasy wants to make misogyny a hate crime. Misogyny is defined as hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women. Far from creating a more decent, civilised society, existing hate crimes have helped promote a climate of intolerance, bullying and social division based on suspicion, recrimination and blame. Making misogyny a crime presupposes that male attitudes to women need to be regulated in and of themselves. It therefore makes men the enemy, not just of women but of decent…

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children Britain 

It takes courage to say what’s best for a child

One of the great film performances is about to hit British cinemas. The Children Act, which is based on Ian McEwan’s novel and goes on release on August 24, is a magnificent film with a mesmerising and intensely moving piece of acting by Emma Thompson. She plays a family court judge, Fiona Maye, who must decide where the best interests of a 17-year-old leukaemia sufferer lie when his Jehovah’s Witness beliefs forbid the blood transfusion that will save his life. The novel has been viewed principally as an examination of…

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Massacre of Jews; woodcut, 1493 Britain 

UK Jewish community leaders lose the plot on antisemitism, hate and lies

The Jewish community leadership has been pleading with the Labour Party to deal properly with antisemitism and become again the party of moral decency. Surely no-one in the Jewish leadership believes this will happen? Even if the party adopts the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition, does anyone really think its antisemitism will then go away? The core problem goes way beyond Labour. It is that the new antisemitism, expressed through virulent anti-Israelism, is now the defining motif for “progressive” circles. This attitude intrinsically repudiates the unique right of the…

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ethics Britain Culture wars 

It’s not the role of judges to reconfigure basic medical ethics

End-of-life issues pose some of the most difficult dilemmas in medical ethics. The Supreme Court confirmed yesterday that doctors can withdraw clinically assisted nutrition and hydration from a profoundly brain-damaged patient, if the family agrees, without permission from a court. The case cuts straight to the increasingly contentious issue of whether people should be “allowed to die”. Is this actually a euphemism for killing someone? Proponents say it is the right thing to do if a patient’s life no longer corresponds to the idea of living. Who, though, is entitled…

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robinson Britain 

The Tommy Robinson circus of fools

Tommy Robinson, the anti-Islam activist, has been freed on bail by the Court of Appeal which has quashed his contempt of court order and ordered a retrial. His supporters are crowing that this proves they were right all along. No, it most certainly does not; quite the contrary. But their reaction shows that there is simply no evidence that will ever persuade a conspiracy theorist that he or she is wrong. Let’s go through this, shall we. Robinson (real name, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) was found to be in contempt of court…

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