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These banana republic plotters should be careful what they wish for

It appears that the Commons Speaker, John Bercow, is conducting a constitutional coup. He intends to remove the government’s power to govern the country and hand it instead to backbench MPs. That is the explanation for his decision yesterday to deny the third “meaningful vote” on Mrs May’s withdrawal deal. Various commentators assume, undoubtedly correctly, that his aim as a committed Remainer is to force a delay to the Article 50 exit process. This is intended to be long enough for the other arch-Remainer plotters in parliament to seize control…

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Courage, Anxiety and Despair: Watching the Battle; James Sant, 1850-1916 Britain 

There’s only one way now to rescue British faith in democracy: leave the EU with no deal

They said if the UK left the EU with no deal, Britons would starve to death and run out of medicines and that planes would no longer fly. But when ComRes pollsters asked “Would you support/oppose leaving EU with no deal if EU refuses to make any more concessions?” no fewer than 38 per cent replied that they would support it while 36 per cent said they would oppose it. A similar result was produced by an ICM poll last week in which 28 per cent said they’d prefer no-deal,…

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