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New episode in cliff-hanger, Stuffing the British over Brexit

There’s been much sound and fury over the latest twist in the tortuous and unbearable cliff-hanger, Stuffing the British People over Brexit, and no wonder. Theresa May yesterday performed a volte face by agreeing that, in the event of Parliament voting against her “renegotiated” withdrawal deal that she will put to the Commons by March 12, MPs will then be able to vote on whether they agree to the UK leaving with no deal and that this will not happen without their consent. If the Commons duly votes against no-deal,…

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Why the west should be holding its breath over the desperate battle for Britain

Current events in Britain’s Parliament are making politics in both Israel and America look positively sane and tranquil by comparison. Around the world, jaws are dropping at the UK’s convulsions over leaving the European Union. This resembles not so much a divorce as an amputation without anesthetic using blunt knives and a broken saw, with the surgeons throwing punches across the operating table. This week, the deal struck between Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU over the Brexit terms was thrown out by an enormous majority in the House…

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MPs! In your mad Brexit maelstrom, there are only two alternatives

In the mad maelstrom that British politics has now become, it is ever more important to understand certain fundamental, brutal realities. The UK has two strategic alternatives before it, and only two: to leave the EU, or to remain. That’s it. No half way house, no soft-Brexit, no out but still a little bit in, no Norway-plus, no Mrs May deal without the Irish backstop (really, Boris? What about the rest of her lousy rotten deal?). Just leave or remain. There are four, and only four, tactical options: Mrs May’s…

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