Majesty Britain 

Will the real Her Majesty please stand up?

The royal soap opera is back. No, not the Prince Andrew thing but series three of The Crown, which became available on Netflix at the weekend. It is, however, jarring to find in the series details that are obviously inaccurate, fanciful or sensationalised.And yet monarchy is an idea in each of our own heads. We project upon its leading players our fantasies of their characters. Moreover, the actual dramas of the lesser royals appear to demonstrate life exceeding the implausibility of art. Prince Andrew’s car-crash TV interview, designed to shut…

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Royal Sense of Duty May Die with the Queen

Our sovereign might be the last to believe in a higher cause than family or personal desires A sly joke that did the rounds during America’s traumatic presidential election campaign featured the Queen saying to the American people: “Having second thoughts?” The suggestion that America may have lost something of immeasurable worth when it declared independence from Britain in 1776 is, however, not altogether a joke. The British monarchy is probably the most well-known and yet the least understood institution in the world. That’s why The Crown, the drama series…

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