Glenda Jackson Britain 

Glenda Jackson’s power lies in her acting, not her politics

Glenda Jackson has received rave reviews for her role in the BBC TV adaptation of Emma Healey’s novel, Elizabeth is Missing. We have waited a long time to see Jackson back on the screen. For 23 years, she deserted the acting world to serve as Labour MP for Hampstead. She deserves respect for the high level of seriousness which led her to make that move. She entered politics because of her strong political views, which at the time placed her on the left of the Labour Party. Her political image…

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no-deal Britain 

Sunday Politics show: why Anna Soubry was wrong

I appeared on BBC TV’s Sunday Politics show last weekend, talking about the local election results and the Brexit negotiations. You can watch the whole show here. On Brexit, I said this about the proposal for Britain to remain in a customs union with the EU (my remarks were kindly reported in the Express:) “Either you are in the EU or you are not in the EU.The customs union is a way of keeping us in the EU by stealth and all those voters, all those millions of British voters,…

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