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It’s time vilified men had their MeToo moment

Of course, women are sometimes victims of sexual attack, harassment or unwanted advances. MeToo, though, has created the impression that depravity is not just widespread but innate in the male sex. This is a wild and sexually selective generalisation. Moreover, shouldn’t individual men be given the benefit of the doubt until such claims are proved? Aren’t they entitled to have such claims properly tested? This growing contempt for the presumption of innocence is not just eroding fairness and the rule of law. It has destroyed the lives of men who…

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Culture wars 

Liberal sore losers don’t respect democracy

Liberal sore losers don’t respect democracy What’s so alarming is the way that political and ideological disputes are driving many into positions where minds are closed against evidence in a culture war which brooks no deviation. Speaking from my own experience, it’s apparently not possible to want to see rapists locked up and oppose the destruction of the presumption of innocence by #MeToo; to stand up against the West’s appeasement of Islamism and criticise Tommy Robinson; to be appalled by the psychological and other flaws of President Trump and acknowledge…

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Sexual harassment in public places

Sexual harassment in public places Following what I had written about the #MeToo uproar, I was invited to give evidence this week to the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee which has been looking at the culture of sexual harassment of women and girls in public places. My fellow panellists were David Austin, CEO of the British Board of Film Classification; Professor Clare McGlynn of Durham university, a legal expert on pornography and sexual violence; and Dr Maddy Coy, a researcher on sexualisation and media, University of Florida. You…

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Mob hysteria on both sides of the aisle

Two incidents over the past few days have illustrated an alarming fact: that mob hysteria threatens the rule of law, the exercise of reason and toleration of dissent not just by ideologues on the left but also by their opponents. Two days ago, the film producer Harvey Weinstein was photographed being frogmarched into a New York court to be charged with rape and sexual assault. The court heard that he had tried to “lure young women into situations where he could violate them sexually”. Multiple accusations of sexual assault made…

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