The Tory party has betrayed conservatism

Many believe that the Conservative Party may be about to self-destruct as a result of the government’s failure to deliver Brexit. The problem is that conservatism itself has lost its way. Conservatism isn’t a creed or ideology but a way of approaching the world. As the name implies, it’s about conserving what is of value in a society. Leaving the EU is all about conserving national sovereignty and democracy. The Tory party leadership, though, has abandoned much more than that. When Soviet communism collapsed, many conservatives believed their political fox…

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Conversation with John Anderson: freedom under threat

Australia’s former deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, recently interviewed me in London as part of series of conversations he has conducted for his website. Anderson is himself deeply concerned about the increasing eclipse of freedom. The “Great Financial Crisis”, he has written, has exposed the economic and social vulnerability of many seemingly strong and prosperous nations. “Even Australia, free of commonwealth debt and enjoying the benefits of its trade with China, rapidly lost its way”. So we talked about the sources of political and personal liberty in Britain and the…

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