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Our crazy world: Prince William’s ME trip, Trump/Kim meeting, UN

Our crazy world: Prince William’s ME trip, Trump/Kim meeting, UN Please join me here as I discuss with Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired the forthcoming visit of HRH Prince William to Israel, that most intriguing face-to-face meeting between US President Trump and North Korea Chairman Kim Jong-un, and the interesting developments at the UN over its attitude towards the Hamas onslaught against Israel at the Gaza border. You can read more of my thoughts on Prince William’s imminent visit to the Middle East here.

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Just who is the mortal danger to the free world?

Determined, of course, to present US President Trump as a mortal danger to humanity for meeting and signing an agreement with North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un, the Trumpohobes have been in full cry this morning claiming that the President suddenly announced a suspension of joint military exercises with South Korea, something that wasn’t in the signed agreement. This, we are told, is stunning evidence – proof positive! – that at a stroke Trump has imperilled the free world in return for nothing from Kim (thus echoing North Korea’s own propaganda).…

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Peace in our time cancelled?

So has peace in our time with North Korea been cancelled? When President Trump abruptly called off his prospective meeting with North Korea’s chairman Kim Jong-un yesterday, the media immediately crowed that his strategy had gone belly-up, that it showed how incoherent and altogether rubbish his foreign policy was and that we were now right back where we started. Once again, the media merely exposed its own shallowness. A few hours earlier a high-ranking North Korean foreign ministry official, Choe Son Hui, called US Vice-President Mike Pence a “political dummy”…

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