Boris Britain 

Wobbly Brexiteers! Your cowardly justifications don’t stand up for a moment

The ongoing apparent collapse of the Brexiteers is almost beyond belief. Today’s Sunday Times reports that even members of the European Research Group of committed Brexiteers are falling like ninepins. Apparently they are gibbering that if they don’t vote for Mrs May’s deal on her third attempt to force it through parliament, there will be no Brexit at all. What on earth are they talking about? If they vote for Mrs May’s deal they will be voting for Brexit in name only, a meaningless Brexit, a paper exit from the…

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no-deal Britain 

Now tell your MP: if you block no-deal you lose my vote

Mrs May’s faux-Brexit deal has been rightly smashed to pieces in tonight’s massive Commons vote. There is now only one legitimate way forward. Parliament has passed a law committing the UK to leave the EU on March 29. Since it has not agreed to a deal with the EU on the terms of leaving, the UK must leave with no deal. That is the legally binding default position. The fact that the majority of MPs don’t want to leave with no deal is irrelevant. The majority of MPs also want…

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