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The groups who hand antisemites their get-out-of-jail-free card

What has caused the deeply alarming upsurge in antisemitism across the West? As many have observed, there are three principal sources: the political left, Islamic culture and neo-fascist or white-supremacist cults. One further factor, though, is crucial. Never disappearing altogether, antisemitism can be kept to a low level by condign social disapproval that deems antisemites to be totally beyond the pale. If, however, that social stigma is lifted and society tolerates, excuses or sanitizes antisemitism, then it roars out of control. That’s precisely what is now happening. In America, astoundingly,…

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A great and unspeakable evil

On Sunday, a man who devoted his existence to fighting hatred and genocidal mass murder lost his life to the very evil that he fought. Ari Fuld, a 45 year old father of four from the Israeli town of Efrat, was stabbed in the back outside a supermarket by an Arab teenager. Despite his wounds, Fuld chased and shot his attacker, thus preventing any more casualties. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. This murder has hit Israelis hard. Ari Fuld was but the latest in the…

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