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Victim culture taints this brilliant drama

The stunning BBC TV drama Broken, written by Jimmy McGovern, has had almost universally admiring reviews. The core theme of the series is the extreme difficulty of doing the right thing. A moral fable, then? Well actually, there’s one flaw in all this. It’s that virtually every character is a victim of circumstance. Ultimately, therefore, this moving and thoughtful drama harnesses a Christian concept of redemption without atonement in an intrinsically fallen world to the Marxist view that everyone is a hapless victim of circumstance. To read my whole Times…

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The Irexit no-brainer

The Republic of Ireland is intimately intertwined economically, historically, geographically and culturally with the UK. Brexit, which the Irish government never saw coming, therefore has huge implications for Ireland – for the worse as long as Ireland itself remains in the EU. Ireland once got more out of the EU than it paid in. That ratio has now been reversed: it is now a net contributor. Once Britain exits the EU, Ireland will urgently need a free-trade deal with the UK, its main trading partner, as well as the continued…

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The party that stands against the rule of law

Sanctuary cities in the US provide official sanctuary from… the law. They protect illegal immigrants from being handed over to the authorities for deportation. In some cases where they have committed crimes, they have been freed to commit more crimes, including murder. It is simply astounding that this situation has been allowed to exist and grow in America. Now President Trump has brought forward two bills to end this practice and restore the rule of law. The Democrats are resisting these bills. They want illegal immigrants to continue to be…

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Calm down dears! Nothing about Brexit has changed

After her general election debacle, British PM Theresa May’s political weakness has energised the EU’s bullies, who imagine they now have the UK on the ropes, and to the anti-democratic British Remainers who believe they can stop Brexit in its tracks. But as I said here to Avi Abelow of IVN, while this existential fight now rages none of the fundamentals has changed one iota.

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Denial: the Labour Party’s antisemitism

David Hirsh’s must-see video, Whitewashed: Antisemitism in the Labour Party (which you can view below) starts with a truly shocking clip of Jeremy Corbyn speaking. Having referred to the profoundly anti-Jewish, murderous terrorist organisations Hezbollah and Hamas as his “friends”, he says (of either or both): “The idea that an organisation that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people and bringing about long term peace and social justice, and political justice, in the whole region should be labelled a terrorist organisation by the British government is a big,…

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Astroturfing a lynch-mob

More and more brazen attempts are being made to intimidate into silence those of us who speak out against Islamist extremism as well as against those who try to sanitise it. I am being subjected to such a campaign after discussing Islamist terrorism, along with the vehicular attack on Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park, on Sky TV’s papers review last week. On this site, Sophia Akram accused me of “racist bile” and of delivering “an inflammatory, Islamophobic, and incorrect statement about 90% of the world’s Muslims”. A Muslim site accused…

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