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Trump’s Opponents are the Bigots and Racists

Liberals weep for democracy even as they malign the people for being too stupid to deserve a say If any evidence were needed of why Donald Trump won the White House, it’s on display in the reaction to his election. American college students have demanded classes be cancelled so they can cry over the threat Trump apparently poses to their “sanity and well-being”. This is the same student body that regularly mounts threatening protests against anyone who dares contradict progressive pieties. Liberal writers have conjured up an existential apocalypse. In…

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As I see it: The Uprising of the Scorned

A populist revolution is under way in Britain, Europe and now in America. We may be in for a very rocky ride. On Tuesday night, the second shoe dropped with a terrific bang. Those of us who understood the full import of Britain’s Brexit vote last June had observed a similar phenomenon at work in the unstoppable rise of Donald J. Trump. As his stunning victory in America’s presidential election sank in, the reaction echoed the Brexit vote aftermath. For distraught liberals, it’s the end of the world as they…

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