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melanie-flags Global conflict Israel 

Australia lines up against the axis of infamy

Plaudits to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Foreign Minister Julie Bishop for condemning the UN Security Council’s vicious anti-Israel resolution 2334 which, in falsely delegitimising Israel’s settlements, struck at the very heart of Judaism and Jewish history. On New Year’s Eve Turnbull called the resolution “one-sided” and “deeply unsettling”, while Bishop said it was “unlikely” that Australia would have voted for it had it still been on the Security Council. This lines up Australia with the incoming US Trump administration against the axis of infamy consisting of Obama,…

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christianity-in-iraq Britain Global conflict 

Liberals are unmoved by slaughter of Christians

Across the developing world Christians are being attacked and murdered, driven from their homes, converted at knifepoint, kidnapped, raped, tortured, beheaded, sold into slavery and burned alive in their churches. These Christians are truly persecuted. They press no violent cause. They threaten or oppress no one. They are attacked for no reason other than their religion. Yet in the West, this targeted religious persecution is all but invisible. The media rarely mention it. No liberal hearts bleed in public over it. “Syria stains us all”, intones the virtue-signalling West. Well,…

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aleppo Britain Global conflict 

Aleppo, virtue-signalling and myopia

The hand-wringing by western politicians and commentators over the appalling humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo reveals something far worse even than the nauseating virtue-signalling of pointlessly blaming themselves for having decided not to bomb Syrian President Assad’s forces. It reveals they still don’t understand just how morally culpable they actually are. The current breast-beating is all about how the US and Britain made a terrible mistake in not bombing Assad’s forces years ago in this dreadful war. But the issue that made them back away was valid then and remains valid…

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