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Who frightens the alt-left most? Three guesses…

A country’s leader terrifies the world by threatening to unleash nuclear war. He’s nuts? Sure. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un? No, America’s Donald J Trump. Yup, that’s right. For US Democrats and the mainstream media, President Trump is more terrifying than Kim Jong-un, the psychotic dictator of North Korea. Pyongyang is now said by the US Defence Intelligence Agency to have produced nuclear weapons for delivery by ballistic missiles which can reach American cities. In response to this revelation, President Trump said: “North Korea best not make any more threats to…

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Why the US should withdraw from the Iran deal now

John Bolton, America’s former ambassador to the UN, says the US must now withdraw from the disastrous Iran deal, known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was brokered in 2015 by President Obama and the other permanent members on the UN Security Council plus Germany. The US State Department has just certified, for the second time during the Trump administration, that Iran is complying with the deal. I’m told this provoked absolute fury by President Trump. He felt he had no option, though, but to sign…

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The Saudi Islamist conundrum

Modern Islamic Warfare, a monograph by Middle East analyst and former Pentagon staffer Dr Harold Rhode, is essential reading. You can download it  here. Concisely and clearly it explains the Islamic world, the confusions it causes amongst those who don’t understand it and why, as a result, the west is being defeated by it. There is one passage in particular which sheds valuable light on the Islamist threat now terrorising the world, and explains in turn the otherwise baffling role played by Saudi Arabia in both helping create that threat and fighting…

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Our Saudi Arabian frenemy

Saudi Arabia is our new best friend, right? Unfortunately, no. But my goodness, it’s complicated. The Arab and Muslim world is in flux and chaos. The need to halt Iran’s drive for regional hegemony, and the resulting Shia dominance over the Sunni Islamic world, has driven the Saudis into a tacit alliance not only with America but also, even more remarkably, with Israel. With the UAE, the Saudis are now also leading an economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar, the Sunni Gulf state which is nevertheless allied to Shia Iran…

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Honour among thieves?

An extraordinary clash recently occurred at the UN between representatives of Saudi Arabia and Iran. The two states that between them are responsible for the fanatical Islamic thinking and jihadi violence that currently menaces the world faced off across a table and each denounced the other as terrorists. You can watch this astonishing spectacle here. Of course, both protagonists are correct about each other. The Iranian was right to link Saudi Arabia to al Qaeda and Isis. The fact that Saudi Arabia is now a bitter enemy of al Qaeda…

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The red-black-green-Islamic axis

Throughout the west, many are bewildered by the way in which so-called progressives support people and causes which are inimical to their own supposed ideals and beliefs. People observe with as much bafflement as revulsion the violence on campus directed at people with conservative or pro-Israel views in order to deprive them on freedom of speech; the refusal of feminists to condemn the oppression of women in the developing world; the further silence of those committed to gay rights or resistance to tyranny over the persecution of gay people or…

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It’s not just Jeremy Corbyn who’s got this so very wrong

There is understandable anger and revulsion at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today drawing a link between the Manchester bombing atrocity and British foreign policy. It is, of course, a frequent claim by Muslim terrorists that they are only killing western civilians because the west has killed civilians in the Islamic world. Indeed, they often specifically target for attack children and young people – as they did in Manchester and as they have often done in Israel – in revenge for what they claim to be the killing of their…

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